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For enginering or workers who working on a desk with a computer, Sometimes we're perturbed with dust or small pieces of our work. Sometimes they are strewn on the table to even get into the sidelines computer keyboard and more, and we always forget to buy mini vacuum cleaner or just simply want to downsize. Now you need to make your own mini vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

Step 2: Making a Plactic Plate From Pvc Water Pipe

Step 3: Making a Fan Engine

Step 4: Making a Cover Van Angine

Step 5: Making a Engine Fan and Case

Step 6: Making a Vacuum Cleaner Muzzel and Handle

Step 7: Wiring

NB : There are some suggestions from other members in this section, for safer and reduce the risk of damage to electronical, there is a good idea to add some security components such as resistors or diodes. thanks to all member, thanks to assasinsareus, PhillipS1, Iceman1979, and vagoeng.

-If you do not adding any electro components, we recommend that you do not use your vacuum cleaner is too long in On position. use less than 1 minute in a single usage, wait a few seconds to use it again if your table has not been clean. Not recommended for clean room or a large area.

Step 8: Put a Filter and Finish

okay... now Your usb vacuum cleaner is done and ready to work. not pretty vacuum cleaner but it working..

enjoy your work with a clean desk

NB: all parts on this tutorial is handmade will be easier if using 3D printing to make all part :)

(for more lowcost project video coming soon on Instructables)

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2 years ago

Please tell how link motor shaft with the suction fan


3 years ago

Can u plz tell me how assemble the connection of the usb. (Can i plug the usb to a normal usb charger)

2 replies
eric dirgahayuShivnathH

Reply 3 years ago

if i look on the market product they are just puged the motor to red and black wire on the USB wire but some people say it can broked the computer or usb charger so i use the diode for power feedback. yes you can blug to a normal Charger 5v


4 years ago on Introduction

Like the idea. I like the ideas about using alternative power sources and a self power USB hub.

You could adapt this to run off 12v as a car vacuum.

How about reversing the polarity to create a blower to clean out the PC it's connected to. If you use a stronger motor you could run it on 110v / 220v.

1 reply

thank you :) , reversing polarity, I think with a small motor, 3-6volt, it is enough to simply clean up the dust-dust above the small work desk


4 years ago

Wow. This is so cool! I think that it might be better if you make it with big cardboard tube, instead of the bottle. Or if you have a 3D printer, make the parts with it. I'm gonna make this tonight! Thanks for the instructable!

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

yau are crazy. :D i want to make some thing with you some time. i think you are "MacGyver" :D

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