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this is how i made use of all the pennies that i had. i will try my best to explain how to do and where i got my materials. be nice its my first instructable. in total it cost $6:43 to make. $1:43 in pennys the remainder was for the frame. i had the glue and markers.

Step 1: First Step Would Be Sorting Out All Your Pennies. I Have Alot.

this is the hardest part. takes a long time also a good light.

Step 2: Next You Need an Idea and Tools

here it gives you all the pixels so you can see how many pennies u will need. the design i used is mario cause im a gamer and thought me might look cool. mario is 16 pixel tall and 12 pixel wide. also these are the tools i used and the picture frame i used.

Step 3: Next Is Using Your Seperated Coins and Start to Lay Them Out.

i liked the brown look but as soon as u step back it started to look like a brown blob in certain angles. so it took me some time and i tryed to find a way to darken or brighten up the pennies. i didnt like it so i decided to just paint some red ( this is optional keep that in mind. )

Step 4: I Used a Red Paint Marker and Here Are the Pictures and Some Comparisons of Normal and Red Pennies.

take your time and have fun is what i had to keep saying to my self lol

Step 5: In All It Took 143 Pennies.

41 red. 43 shiny pennys. 58 blacken pennys.

Step 6: At First I Didnt Think I Needed Glue. I Was Wrong.

fail... need to glue it down.

Step 7: Gluing Them Down. Using Your Ruler.

in some of the pictures u see me use red pennies and point at them that is i can keep the straight line. so dont glue them down in the wrong spot ok. remove after u got the line straight. i found if u lay out the pennies in a row dow the paper it helps to center the pixel mario.also if u glue down the first penny on the left use the ruler to keep the straight and it goes a whole lot faster. after the first couple of rows it gets easier. but take your time. dont super glue your fingers together.

Step 8: Next Sign It and Put It in the Picture Frame. But Be Careful I Cut My Thumb on the Glass.

sign and seal up your work then find a wall to hang your new wall art.

Step 9: Lastly Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

some up close shot of the pennies. thanks for viewing this instructable. hope it help you in anyway.

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3 months ago

Here's a thought. Do the same but instead of pennies use arcade tokens! (you can buy them by the pound on eBay.)


1 year ago

Tks a lot! Love it!

Nice tip, to use a ruler to make a straight line of pixels!

I will make those little 'Space Invaders' alliens....

space invader pixel- 1.jpg

2 years ago

Dude, I just saw this... great job! Especially for your first 'ible! I have a fairly big jar FULL of pennies I'm looking for something to do with so I can start filling the jar again. I've run across quite a few 'uses' for pennies in my search but this seems like it might be a winner. However, if I do this I think I'll use your 'ible steps & apply them to a different figure/picture. Dunno what yet though so your attention to detail here is appreciated... thanks!

Have a safe & happy holiday! :)


3 years ago

Super cool! With enough time, you could probably figure out some chemicals to apply to the pennies instead of paint for the color change effects.


3 years ago

Love it. Great Job


3 years ago

Wow thanks for all the support you guys. I got a new phone and forgot to install instructables app. So alot of these comments I didn't even know about. Lol Im sorry for the late reply. Also I've been busy last year with my YouTube channel and now I'm getting the itch. That diy itch. So maybe I might upload some more ideas for gamer wall art.


3 years ago

I love this idea! I want to make one for my hubbys birthday! Where's that best place to find a template for this? I know what Mario looks like obviously but I have to translate that in pennies lol

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

I just used the pixel art and a sheet of grid paper and color pencils. Then tried to center it as best I could.


Reply 3 years ago

I did for the darkening of then but it didn't work our that good. and I cleaned a couple but they don't look as good as new pennies. But thanks for the comment