Simple PARACORD Bracelet

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hi folks after seeing all the wonderfull paracord projects on i decided to make one of my own

Materials (all purchased at my local walmart)

paracord (Hunter orange & digital camo(found in sporting good section) $4.95ea for 50ft
paracord buckles $1.47 for 6pk (found in arts &craft section)

*the two pics above are a little dark as was finshing up

This Bracelet And Other Items Ive Made Are FOR SALE and can be Purchased at my online store-> The Paracord Crafting Guru

Step 1: Simple Paracord Bracelet

paracord bracelet

Step 2: Tieing the Braid



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    4 years ago

    it varies, for 50ft is about $4-6 and but ive seen more color selection in the craft section and those are 16ft for $3 but the cord is made up cotton and doesnt bend very well when making bracelets. Hobby lobby will have a better selection of color tho (100ft of 550 cord for $10)


    4 years ago

    how much is paracore at walmart