Smallest Survival Kit




I wanted something small that could make a fire, have a light source, a blade, paper with contact info (it can double as fuel for the fire), pills and some tape.

Step 1: What Is Inside

There is a meter of electrical tape wrapped around the container. There are 8 matches, a light from a light up balloon, paper with contacts, knife blade and a striker pad. Even with all that there is still room for a pill. The paper can be used for a fire starter. This is made from a mini tic tac box.

Step 2: Pack It In

Cut the matches shorter and try to fit as many useful things inside, it does not have to be these, be creative. I put the light in first, then i surrounded it with matches, the blade is put in sharp side down, then a small piece of paper is folded and placed inside. A pill can fit on the top and the striker is cut to size and placed in the lid cardboard side up.

Step 3: Finished

A meter of electrical tape is wrapped around it sideways and then a small piece of tape holds the lid down. The tape can be used to stop blood flow from a wound. I keep this tiny thing with me all the time, it can start a fire, create light, save contacts, cut off blood flow and hold a pill, or water purification tablet.



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    If the purpose of the light is to be a signal, rather than a source of light for seeing far, LED "finger lights" might fit. I see them at dollar stores all the time.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    That's a nice little kit. Where did you get the box from? Congratulations on your first Instructable!

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    it is a mini tic tac box link

    CSI worker

    4 years ago

    I agree good kit! Congrats on your first instrutable!

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