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  • AndrewOttawa commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Glow table2 years ago
    Glow table

    Thanks so much for sharing this project, it really inspired me to do something myself. My daughter needed a small stereo cabinet, and I took the opportunity to make it even better than she expected. The cabinet is fairly small, 18" x 26" x 15", made largely of maple with a live-end pear-wood top. I asked her to draw a design for me, transposed it to the side, and carved out the picture with a Dremel tool. I filled it with the epoxy/glow powder combo, and sanded it down. I poured it on a little thick, but with the help of a belt sander and time for the resin to harden (about 4 days), I was able to get it nice and smooth. She was really pleased with the result. I included some photos from before the final sanding and varnishing.

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