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  • The Galvani-Edison Luminiferous Aether Disturbance Generator

    There is indeed tremendous energy in the vacuum. But who can tap into it? Only an infinitesimal fraction has been extracted through the Casimir Effect. We attempted to use the Luminiferouslying Emitting Device to rend the cloak of aetherially forbidden realm and extract unlimited energy. Mad? Maybe. Yes we did attempt it but needed a larger disturber to rip it a new one. Bravo first step. Mind you, many a stout person speculates the aethereal virtual particles limit the speed of the rendering ray. Rip a hole in the cloak, swipe the vacuum energy and increase the speed of disturber ray as a side benefit. Oh bravo.I sure hope it doesn't fry the universe.

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  • The Galvani-Edison Luminiferous Aether Disturbance Generator

    Nice, very nice writeup. Makes the unit so much more real. Thx. One problem developed with my unit. We placed too large a disturber and it appears to have ripped the aether veil. We stepped through and the veil closed. Smells bad in there. Very bad. Dark and Dank. Bogs smell bad. Spirits shift in and out of view. Lord was that a burp?! Scratches. Thank heaven the guy left behind restarted the disturber and we jumped back to home! Maybe try a litter larger one next time.

    Got to thinking, maybe a portable disturber with high power Luminiferous Emitting Diodes would great great blaster-shredders in the eternal aether. Matey Pete made one as a scaled down version of Wobbler's version. We found a sulfurous stench near the aether void. No Pete. Bye Pete.

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  • Fixing a Monitor With a Breadmaker: AKA Don't Throw It Out!

    Nice Job! For those people planning to test capacitors in a circuit (without removing them) consider purchasing a 'Blue Capacitor Tester' or 'Blue ESR Meter' available at or amazon or ebay…. I have saved a number of high priced instruments (such as the HP54111d digital oscilloscope) using one. These will indicate a bad capacitor before the bulge and the capacitors can be tested without unsoldering. Just remember to shut down the power and discharge the caps.

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  • AngstromLogic commented on How-ToDo's instructable Powerful burning Laser2 years ago
    Powerful burning Laser

    Nice instructable.Please note that although not a 2000mW laser, the 380mW is more than sufficient to blind humans and PETs. Caution.

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