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  • Ericc815 commented on anil8tor's instructable Solar Heater for My Shop2 years ago
    Solar Heater for My Shop

    I believe you could substantially improve efficiency using larger discarded water heater tank for thermal mass and mounting home baseboard radiator underneath the tank to eliminate need of pump outside sunshine hours. That would allow turning pump off when not collecting heat - and place checkvalves in the risers to your dish to prevent night time chilling of thermal mass. Your heated airflow would become more efficient and longer lasting.

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  • Ericc815 commented on MichaelM2015's instructable Bacon-Wrapped Eggs for Breakfast3 years ago
    Bacon-Wrapped Eggs for Breakfast

    I believe that no 2 people like their breakfast prepared identical, they always have a variation that makes a difference to them. I would bake mine about 8 - 10 min and serve on a pancake, or put a tiny bit of butter in the bottom and pour the pancake batter inside the bacon before adding the egg.

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