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  • JohnR674 commented on gzumwalt's instructable Money Maker!6 months ago
    Money Maker!

    When I showed the money maker with blank sheet of paper and bill which I was going to copy. I would load the bill and tell them I need to ink the roller and out came blank paper. Then I would take the blank sheet and "print" money. I still have my money maker in it's box. Age of my money maker is over 50 years. Now my grandson likes to show to his friends how he can make money.

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  • JohnR674 commented on 3parksdesign's instructable Leather Business Card Case8 months ago
    Leather Business Card Case

    As for any tooling on my holster the answer is no but sometimes I will tool the loop which hold the holster to back piece. When I make a holster I glue two pieces together -- ugly side to ugly side. This leaves smooth leather on both sides of holster, this is done to keep the finish on pistol wearing off to fast. Don't use any other leather except finished tan cow hide. When I make a knife sheath the leather is two pieces. The leather makes it's own belt loop because length used to make the loop. The loop is sew together above the knife goes into the sheath. Any tooling has to be done before you sew the top to bottom. Usually knife finish doesn't wear like the blueing on pistol. I tried a double leather to make a knife sheath but the weight was too much.

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