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After moving around Australia and exploring parts of SE Asia, such as Laos and Thailand, Regan Udy has settled back into his home town of Freemantle, Perth, and now owns and manages the local branch of Supercheap Storage – a self storage company, offering a professional and flexible mobile storing service at affordable rates.

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  • UdyRegan commented on Tsanabe's instructable Wire Harvesting Basket26 days ago
    Wire Harvesting Basket

    Beautiful basket that looks unique and durable. It is definitely great for storing fruits and vegetables that need an airy atmosphere to have a longer shelf life.

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  • UdyRegan commented on Simon_Cloutier's instructable Rustic Wooden Chandelier2 months ago
    Rustic Wooden Chandelier

    What a beautiful effect for such simple execution. It's lovely to see how the whole piece comes together when it's finally hung over your dining table! Thanks for sharing this mate!

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  • UdyRegan commented on runciblefish's instructable Recliner-Bunk for Camper2 months ago
    Recliner-Bunk for Camper

    This makes me miss the good old camping days with our mobile home back in the days. I guess this idea could finally help us relive those beautiful moments where outdoor memories were made with loved ones.

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  • How to Make WINDMILL Generator From Cardboard for Science Project at Home

    It wouldn't be a Science project for children if parents need to intervene and eventually do most of the work. Nonetheless, the great effort would definitely help to boost a student's grades because of how flawless the entire project looks like in the end.

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  • Restoration of a 1957 Hupp - Perfection  2 Burner Kerosene Stove

    I have yet to get my hands on vintage items to rework on. I think the whole project would require careful attention since it involves flammable items. It might also require at least some expertise in order not to damage the aged items.

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  • UdyRegan commented on tlp801's instructable The Base Camp Trailer2 months ago
    The Base Camp Trailer

    I imagine that you can create so many different things when you have an engineering background to support all of your calculations! I would be happy to build things, but I wouldn't think that they would be fit for use by anyone but myself. Heaven forbid I build some sort of structure that comes crashing down on people at the end of the day! I don't need that kind of pressure!

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  • Fab-House (a Modular Open Source House Made From Cnc-cut-parts)

    This modular open source house could open up various opportunities to help address the issue of homelessness not just within this vicinity, but everywhere else as well. Though it might not directly become a solution in the near future, it could offer an alternative as a long-term plan. The idea can be further explored to see how a homelessness predicament at any given location can be tagged to such a modular house accommodation option.

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  • UdyRegan commented on MeaganF4's instructable Refinished Cabinet2 months ago
    Refinished Cabinet

    It's amazing what a little bit of contact paper can do for the look of your storage cabinets isn't it? I prefer neutral tones and greys myself, but this is an easy and simple fix to spruce up the home no doubt!

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  • UdyRegan commented on ivan krewa's instructable Dollhouse3 months ago

    I secretly have always wanted a dollhouse for myself but up to date, I have yet to have one in my possession. I think the general stigma that revolves around dollhouses is that they are just for girls to play with. However, just a single project building just one dollhouse definitely takes a lot more effort than just "playing".

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  • UdyRegan commented on jasonluther's instructable DIY Fence With Removable Sections3 months ago
    DIY Fence With Removable Sections

    It is really smart to use fences to conceal the eyesore of the compressor units. Previously, we only used partition panels but they wouldn't stand strong winds for too long. Fences are a better idea that would work!

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  • UdyRegan commented on ImpactDIY's instructable Cardboard Bluetooth Speaker 3 months ago
    Cardboard Bluetooth Speaker

    If people only knew just how easy it is to create really useful things in your home, I think we would all save a lot of money…. That's what instructables are for isn't it? This is a really great build - thanks for sharing!

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  • UdyRegan commented on dbenedetto's instructable Building a Floating Deck3 months ago
    Building a Floating Deck

    A deck is a really lovely accompaniment for the yard if you ask me. Unless you've got a great lawn, which as we all know, is notoriously difficult to maintain, having a nice wooden deck put in could make the whole aesthetic of your garden improve by leaps and bounds!

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  • UdyRegan commented on stevenarango's instructable Side Table3 months ago
    Side Table

    I love how you've rendered everything first before doing it up! I would have just used pen and paper to get a gist!

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  • UdyRegan commented on MeaganF4's instructable Refinished Cabinet3 months ago
    Refinished Cabinet

    The wallpaper adds an elegant touch especially the interiors which would have otherwise looked dull and boring. I personally would have used paint instead which would have costed more and took up more time.

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  • UdyRegan commented on Ajaxjones's instructable Rebel Alliance on Endor3 months ago
    Rebel Alliance on Endor

    Wow dude, you spent a lot of time on this! I especially like the scenery you did though! Everything seems to have been put together really realistically! I'm sure that a lot of other star wars fans would appreciate this instructable!

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  • UdyRegan commented on farznparham's instructable Flower-roof3 months ago

    At the neighbourhood where I am staying at, some of the residents have started a similar roof project where everyone can benefit from. We simply get together at least once a week to garden as a team and reap the literal fruits of our own labour to help one another save costs and to explore our passion.

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  • UdyRegan commented on Bethany Weeks's instructable Faux-Stone Plastic Organizer4 months ago
    Faux-Stone Plastic Organizer

    I think it's nice to give the little storage shelves in the house a bit of a sprucing up every once in a while. I like the fact that the items in my house are a one-of-a-kind kind of thing too!

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  • UdyRegan commented on Takashi_Nanami's instructable Ity Bity Living Space.5 months ago
    Ity Bity Living Space.

    Tiny spaces are challenging to work with especially with 2 young kids in tow! However, at the end of the day, it is all about organizing as much as possible. It could be tough to manage regular housekeeping with an infant and a running toddler but if you clean-as-you-go, you would find that there is little to no cleaning at all that needs to be done! This means that as soon as you see a little mess, start picking it up so that they remain at their original spots and it would get easier to move around.

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  • UdyRegan commented on Ridwann's instructable Pallet Wood Flower Box Planter5 months ago
    Pallet Wood Flower Box Planter

    I'm trying to figure out how I can make these storage boxes or planters a little bit more customised for plants. I think that a drainage or a sieve like panel might help with water retention in there perhaps? Or maybe it's just best to have the bottom totally solid wood so that nothing falls out when you put water in!

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  • UdyRegan commented on wackybit's instructable Home Darkroom Design for Small Spaces5 months ago
    Home Darkroom Design for Small Spaces

    I have always wanted my own darkroom but I have no real expertise in this field. I am keen even though I do not have prior experience whatsoever in photo development. If I do have my own darkroom, perhaps I could pick up on the hobby and increase my experience level over time. I guess I need to explore my options to see where I could actually head to with limited resources and a lack of storage space does not help.

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  • UdyRegan commented on Madebymitch's instructable Elevated Garden Planter5 months ago
    Elevated Garden Planter

    Seems like this might be a good idea for a child's activity table with storage too! The base design looks rather similar and I'm sure that using this garden trough for other things is very possible! If I do give it a go, I'll let you know and take pictures for you to see how your design has worked in that regard! Cheers!

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  • UdyRegan commented on HYPEphillips's instructable Wellie Boot Bench5 months ago
    Wellie Boot Bench

    Thanks for sharing this! I think this would be a great little storage bench for my stuff at my house! I really love all these little handy furniture items that can keep my home neat and tidy so I'm de finitely going to try and do this up when I have a little bit of time in the following week!

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  • UdyRegan commented on PhilippW1's instructable Clamp in Bedside Table6 months ago
    Clamp in Bedside Table

    That's an interesting idea! I reckon that it won't be able to take a very heavy weight and I most definitely wouldn't recommend eating food in bed either though! But I think that with a little modification, this could be really very useful for the study table or coffee table for instance! Plenty of solutions can be found with this basic building block!

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  • UdyRegan commented on Kiteman's instructable Bathroom Storage Box6 months ago
    Bathroom Storage Box

    I love that the design is so versatile! I'm most definitely going to be able to scale this little storage unit to another size for the living room or other spaces in the house. I reckon that it would look really nice in the study for documents or to make the kids use as a storage box for their toys too! Thanks for the idea!

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  • UdyRegan commented on lavenderO1's instructable Lending Library From Kitchen Cabinet6 months ago
    Lending Library From Kitchen Cabinet

    Sanding down storage units is seriously my favourite part of any DIY job. Great to be able to see the grain of the wood that lies underneath hand sometimes, natural is the most aesthetic!

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  • Closet Transformation - Fixing an Old Closet

    Everyone could use some extra closet space, be it a man or a woman. The idea is not just to gain storage but to also keep things well-organized for easy retrieval on a daily basis. I guess when things are in order, they tend to stay that way longer.

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  • UdyRegan commented on RoccoM's instructable Library Build10 months ago
    Library Build

    I am loving how this family loves their books so much that they are able to create a whole room for it! I would be a little freaked out at the number of storage shelves that needed dusting at the end of the day. But if you really enjoy your books and have that many that you could make a room out of it, it certainly would look impressive when all of the books are in!

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  • UdyRegan commented on's instructable Recycled Makeup Desk 10 months ago
    Recycled Makeup Desk

    This is a great starter's DIY project and I can already envision how I can add some extra embellishments to really make it pop! There really are so many awesome ideas on Instructables that makes me want to pull out the tools and get hammering and sawing! The problem is to find more wood in storage that I can play with! Haha!

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  • UdyRegan commented on macgyver603's instructable Build a TV Fish Tank10 months ago
    Build a TV Fish Tank

    Ok, I was expecting some really small retro TV to have been used for this project, but this cabinet console is really quite the bomb! I don't think that it would be very easy to just find a similar console in storage and I think that you're absolutely right to have converted this piece of art into a more amazing piece of art!

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  • How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Winter Storage

    It is important to perform proper storage procedures for your vehicles and electronics to ensure they are still in a good working condition after the season ends. Another alternative is to rent self storage units with a climate control feature that can help maintain the tools and equipment throughout the entire season so you can rest at ease.

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