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  • vincentvidal commented on mattaw's instructable Driftwood Binary Clock5 months ago
    Driftwood Binary Clock

    Hi Mattaw, of course this is a good reason, I'm quite sure to control the remote an Attiny could be suffisant to cover the need, the code lenght is short an fit to the UC. Thanks.

    Hello, nice project congratulation ! BTW why did you not use an Attiny UC for the remote instead of Nano ?

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  • vincentvidal commented on yhtomitsy's instructable Arduino Wifi Redback2 years ago
    Arduino Wifi Redback

    All your link are broken, can you update it ?

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  • Another Easier Inverted Pendulum Robot

    Hello everybody, very good topic ! Thanks. I want to try this soon ...I've question concerning the dual motor used for this robot, I've ordered the same one and before assembly I want to know the best speed for this purpose:-Type A: 12.7:1 gear ratio - 94gf*cm 1039rpm rotations.-Type B: 38.2:1 gear ratio - 278gf*cm 345rpm rotations.-Type C: 114.7:1 gear ratio - 809gf*cm 115rpm rotations.-Type D: 344.2:1 gear ratio - 2276gf*cm 38rpm rotations.Thanks a lot.Vincent.

    Hi and thanks a lot ArduinoDeXXX, I'll set to this 114.7 ratio ;=))

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