i am blond and i need your help

I have a problem with a piece of breadboard on a small turntable. i took it apart and and found that the strip of metal from the ac adaptor jack to the rest of the thing has a crack all the way across the strip of metal. I am lazy and inexperienced...and would like to know the easiest way to fix this problem without going to radio crack. it's not my turntable and i also want to mess it up any more. i don't have a soldering gun, but i do have other stuff lying around, like an assortment of tape and glues...can anyone give me any suggestions? thekathy >:]

Posted by electromagneticfloobianmaster 11 years ago

can you tape a broken piece of breadbord with scotch tape

I have a problem with a piece of breadboard on a small turntable. i took it apart and and found that the strip of metal from the ac adaptor jack to the rest of the thing has a crack all the way across the strip of metal. I am lazy and inexperienced...and would like to know the easiest way to fix this problem without going to radio crack. it's not my turntable and i also want to mess it up any more. i don't have a soldering gun, but i do have other stuff lying around, like an assortment of tape and glues...can anyone give me any suggestions? thekathy >:]

Posted by electromagneticfloobianmaster 11 years ago

Principles of aerodynamics

The forces and counter forces of flight

Posted by SoDDiggerCpl 11 years ago

Is it possible to be shocked by a car battery?

From what I've heard, one can't even feel the shock from a car battery. Is this true? Does anyone have an explanation on "Cranking Amps"? How thick should the cables be if I need run the current somewhere?

Posted by carbon 11 years ago

Using the IRDA port on my toshiba satellite 2520cds

I got this old gem a month ago from a guy that recently and obviously needed a new one, but it worked this long surprisingly for power points. I must admit that it runs decently fast with xp and not having turned anything but system restore off. It's got a 333mhz amd 3D processor which I want to try upgrading with a k6 down the road as it IS removable. 96mb of ram and a lousy 4gig hd that slows the whole system down. But that is barely important. I had a swell idea of utilizing the irda port on the back for controlling it via a tv remote or any I might have kicking around which I have plenty of. Also, I wanted to be able to CONTROL my tv, vcr, dvd player, ect with it in itself aswell.Google didn't help me much this round as apparently there is software (which I did try) avalible but it's meant for home made or certain commercial infrared ports that plug in via serial, usb and perhaps parellel that I saw. I also saw a hint of what seems to be that the built in irda sensor in most laptops aren't able to receive commands from most remotes for learning or controlling it due to the filtered out bands. But they are supposedly capable of sending commands just fine. Now this is a OLD OLD laptop and there could be a chance that it can receive the commands too? Even still, you could pull it apart and modify the sensor to accept signals couldn't you? I'm looking for something to do with this laptop and this seems perfectly suitable for it as the screen is older and has that "motion blur" effect to it and so makes playing nes games a bit hard :-P. Sorry for the long post, but hey, if someone could help me with this, it would certainly make me happy.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago

VEX robotics

Dose any body have any vex: tips, robots, hacks, mods, ECT.?

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago


Hi, I'm making plans for a remote control car from scratch, and have a few questions. Are hobby motors able to go backwards, how do you control that? Any ideas on making a wireless usb cord for a webcam? Do you know of any small things (like motors) that could move a switch remotely for the steering mechanism? Any other ideas?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

how are you spose to do this

The knex very small gun is cool and small....but I dont know how to shoot the stupid thing!!I know the trigger is there but I dont know what to do with it....post pics to show me or detailed instructions.

Posted by dkfa 11 years ago

can you help with homework?

Im in algebra 1 and need help on a word problem The scenario is a cinama sells 532 buckets of popcorn for 1489.50. A large bucket sells for 2.25 and a jumbo sells for 3.75. Questios: 1.write an equation to model the situation (slope intercept or something) 2.how many jumbo buckets were sold?

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago

How to made PS/2 to USB adapter

HI Everyone, can you give some advice of this ??.Coz I tried made not success,seem not simple or just direct cable to each other .. Thanks

Posted by dwarven 11 years ago

Flashing or chasing large groups of LEDs and figuring voltages

I am playing around with making LED signs. How do I build a circuit to make a parallel string of 50-100 LEDs flash or chase? Also, when working with a large group of LEDs in parallel, how do I figure the size of DC power supply I need. Especially when there are different color requiring different voltages. On my first attempt, I used a 4.5 volt wall wart with various resistors between the white and red bulbs til I got a pretty fair brightness on both. But I was scared of frying 200 LEDs in fell swoop, so I would like to learn the proper way. I think I understand Ohms law to calculate the right voltage and amperage for 1 LED, but how does that apply to 100 or 150? Thanks!

Posted by anim8r21 11 years ago

User Innovation Talk at Google

This past Monday, Feburary 12th, I gave a talk titled "Getting to Open-Source Hardware" at Eric Von Hippel's MIT Innovation Lab Meeting at Google. Eric's research focuses on user innovation where he has found that users rather than manufacturers are the actual developers of most new products and services. My talk gave a brief introduction to Instructables and then did a case study on the K'Nex guns as a community that is building open-source hardware in much the same way Zeroprestige was before we started Instructables. Check out the PDF of my slides.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Website update

We made a few changes and updates to the website yesterday, the most notable being adding a Solr search server. More information is over here in the forums.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Instructables website update

Yesterday we made a few changes that will make the site faster and better. The most notable was adding a Solr search server. Our search is now Solr-powered and should be more accurate, faster, and better at helping you find what you want. Solr also works behind the scenes dealing with things like tags and "filter by keyword." With it doing some heavy lifting, there's much less load on the database and application servers, so the site in general should be snappier.Solr has a ton of customization and configuration that we're still fine tuning. So, if you search for something and don't get what you think you should, leave a comment with your search terms and what you think should have been returned. There's also a list of synonyms for things like bike = bicycle. Help us fill that list with things specific to Instructables. As always, if something isn't working, leave a bug report or drop me a message.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

help with .bat file

Ok i asked this in the "slightly more advance .bat file instructable" but i didnt know if anyone would notice it so i will ask it here. When i made my shut down.bat file i would start it and it would run it over and over agian and nothing would happen. Then when i type in command prompt it works. so then i try to do something else like the delete command in my .bat file. It worked but at first it didnt it would pop up and ask me if i wanted to delete it. But that may be becuz it was a directory not a single file. So then i checkd my spelling and everything but it was fine i cant figure out why it kept running it over and over.

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago


Ok, I want to have a thing where ive got a battery pack, and then 3 toggle switches and one button switch, each one that is flipped/pushed lights up an LED and then the last one (button) lights up both the led and powers a small hobby motor or something like that. My question is, What do I need resistor-wise? (quantity, location, strength..) Thanks!Amendment I want to have the same idea going, but kind of have an extension cord running through it, so I plug the box in, and then plug something into a cord coming from the box.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Computer Issues? Post Them Here!

This thread will be designed for anybody who has any computer issues. I love to help people work out the kinks in their computers, software, hardware and anything else. I am constantly on this site (at least 20 times a day, except when I am sleeping of course!) so you won't have to worry about a slow response. Anyone can give answers, I am just here to be the beginning helper. Ask Away! -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

Corwin's birthday in the tower

We celebrated Corwin's birthday in the tower at Squid Labs yesterday, and, while up there, fixed up the flag poles and hung a pirate flag. I think it's admirable that we had at least 3 months of a "professional" looking fascade before our true colors bled through. Or, maybe it was just laziness...More pictures here.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

ALtoids tin + ipod charger + fm transmitter = Awsome

OK i have been thinking about doing this for a while now and i finally did. Its an ipod chaarger and an FM transmitter fitted in a n altoids tin. The top view is the button for the fm transmitter and its green indicator LED beside it THe red button is the button for the ipod charger and its red LED beside it. THe inside pic might look like a tangled mess but i made my wire to long and i had to like jam them in to make them fit The 9V is for the ipod chager and the AAA is for the fm transmitter. Please leave some feedback i want to know how i did. Thanks

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago

What peices of knex do you lack

When i say lack i mean, when you look at a new gun do you say i don't have enough (insert piece here) to make the (insert gun here)... BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! For me i find myself doing this every time i new gun comes out, i don't have enough (dark gray end caps) to make the (red impact)... BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! if you leave your message i might be able to find you a crap load for like 5 bucks us dollar

Posted by iKill 11 years ago

Account locked AGAIN!!!! I swear I didn't do anything this time

I want to know what's going on around here, there seems to be some poor managment and judgement going on here. I'm actually getting fairly annoyed, and I know I haven't said anything bad, I even seen many other's saying worse than I have and they are still kicking around. They get away with it because they're "long time members" I actually want my "mr.devious" account unlocked. And I will not stop until it is unlocked. A pm will be sent to ewilhelm aswell. Anyone else want to elaborate?

Posted by gigamush 11 years ago

Butane Lighter Hand Grenade

I planning to get this book,i mean, it's not like im going to make one, i'm just curious on how the heck it works. What do you think?http://www.campingsurvival.com/butlighangre.html

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

Question about Luxeon Star LED

Ok, so I am guessing many of you know about the Luxeon LED's. I have just one question. Where in the world do you connect the wires from the Battery snap and switch to on the star? Where on the picture below do I put the positive and negative leads? Thank you so much in advance. -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

Laser Cutter Origami

The New Yorker printed an article about engineer/physicist turned professional origami artist Robert Lang. He's dropped by Instructables/Squid Labs to use the laser cutter to score curves otherwise impossible to fold; it's some neat stuff. This spawned a comment thread on using origami techniques to mold concrete for the Universal Nut Sheller. (Scroll up one comment for first post in the thread.)I don't know how long the article will be available, so here's the laser cutter's cameo:One clear, chilly day not long ago, I met Lang at Squid Labs, a high-tech research-and-development company headquartered in an enormous concrete building that used to be part of the Alameda Naval Air Station, near Oakland. Lang and his wife and their teen-age son live about twenty miles east of Oakland, in a comfortable ranch-style house that has a separate studio building in the back yard, where Lang works amid a clutter of math books, seashell guides, computers, and a menagerie of paper animals. He was spending the day at Squid Labs to use its industrial laser cutter to help him crease paper for some complex folds. He said that he may be the first origami artist to use a laser cutter, which he dials down to a smidgen of its power, so that it scores the paper rather than slices it. Lang was working on paper prototypes for two commissions: one for an interior-design piece to be made of metal, another for a leather fashion accessory, and on a design he was making for himself, which he didn't want to describe, in case he jinxed it. All three of the designs were so intricate that it would have taken him hours just to crease the paper in preparation for the final folds. He was using large squares of tweedy-looking mauve Hanji paper from Korea, which is sturdy but still slightly translucent, like the flesh of a fish.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Valentine's Day Inspiration

After getting our first newsletter, Roger sent me this really nice thank you note and pictures of his project. Maybe his inspiration can inspire you? There's still a little time left!I want to thank you for this newsletter. I was at a loss as to what to get/make for my wife for Valentines Day and our 15th anniversary. After reading your newsletter and going to your web site, I was inspired. I made her 15 Duct Tape roses (14 purple ( her favorite color), and 1 Red for passion) , one for each year we have been married. Off the web site's Valentines Day projects, I made an acrylic heart with LEDs to light it up. I added an acrylic tube to act as a vase for the roses. Thank you for the inspiration, Roger

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

sniper rifle

I know this probably belongs in the calaborations section, but i'm not very good with computers and I couldn't figure out how to put it there. I am working on building a high powered knex sniper rifle, but I am sort of stuck, I don't know of any magazine and barrel combinations that are accurate and don;t jam at all, any ideas?

Posted by knexer1 11 years ago

Errors when trying to publish --> Can't submit project to contest

I've gotten some weird errors while trying to get my project entered into the Valentine's Day contest: Double posts! We already have that! Error 500! So I'm not sure if I can get my project submitted by the deadline, is this keeps up. Any contingency plans?

Posted by ryzellon 11 years ago

Paper Footballs

Is there any other good way to make good paper footballs? I know 2, but i'm wondering if there's any other way.

Posted by Vertigo666 11 years ago

What happened to collaborations?

Anyone know? Is the forum the replacement for collaborations? Anyways, I'd like to start a group or something to work on what to do with all these old damaged floppy/IDE cables I've got laying around.... I tried an ipod case, but it didn't turn out right...

Posted by Hyperviking 11 years ago

Instructables etiquette

Forum topic for questions of politeness...

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Valentine's Day Dinners

All of those restaurants are charging a premium for mediocre food on Valentine's day; stay home and make something instead. Instructables is full of great recipes that can be made quickly and easily; the pictures make it (virtually) foolproof. I've included some suggestions below to get you started; feel free to add your own favorites.I'd recommend picking things that can be made ahead, preferably the night before, so you KNOW you've done them right. Or at least things that require little preparation; pick only one thing that requires attention just before serving.All of the recipes listed below are easy, and most can be made ahead of time except where noted. Light and fruity is probably the best choice for Valentine's dinner; I've also steered clear of heavy garlic. If you can lay hands on a nice-looking table cloth and/or cloth napkins it will be a bonus. Cloth napkins will fool most anyone into thinking you're classy.Appetizers:Mangos (prep ahead; cute and fruity)Avocados (prep ahead; fruity and a nice complement to mangos)Main dish:Catfish (fast prep, wide cooking window)Scallops (quick, but require cooking just prior to serving)Bulgogi (again quick, but requires cooking just prior to serving)Side dish(es):Beet salad (make ahead; cut into heart shapes for bonus points)Roasted fennel (minimal prep, wide cooking window)Artichokes (minimal prep, entertaining to eat)Green salad of any typeDessert:Trifle (make ahead from easy ingredients; make individual servings in big wine glasses if you've got them, or a short wide-mouthed "old fashioned" glass.)Frozen ginger/mango (make ahead with any fruit juice combination you like)Chocolate truffles (make ahead; bonus points for chocolate)

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Market Day Project- Need Help

My AP Economics class is having a "Market Day" in 2 weeks; here are the rules: Limit of $14 total (Can go over by around 5 without anybody noticing) Must make atleast 10 items Person who sells the most items gets a good grade No food/ weapons/ things not appropriate for school If anybody can help me or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted by kargod 11 years ago

Fun Fire Toy

This is a fun toy I made in the Boy Scouts to scare the younger kids. First take three pages of newspaper, roll them up, and tie it tight with a long thin rope. Then take a candle, light it, and pour the wax over everything but a small edge of the rolled up paper. Light the one end, and if done correctly, the 'toy' should last a few minutes. The long rope gives you the ability to swing it around in the air, and scare people with it. I am not resposible for any burns, forrest fires, or any other type of injury or fire. Use at your own risk, and keep water handy, just in case.

Posted by invisiblepaintballer 11 years ago

Walkalong Glider

What's a walkalong glider? Here's a video which shows the concept: A light weight glider which flies in the lift created by a paddle held by the pilot.Build your own walkalong glider (recommended starting design)Build your own walkalong glider from a dead butterflyBuild your own walkalong glider (in general)

Posted by walkalongaviation 11 years ago

$25 Million for Capturing Carbon

Gore and Branson have teamed up to sponsor an X-prize-like competition for capturing carbon dioxide. I love these types of competitions. Is anyone here on Instructables in a position to enter? With a bit of industry-sponsorship, this would make for a series of fantastic Ph.D projects. From: http://www.nature.com/news/2007/070205/full/070205-16.htmlA multi-million dollar prize is on offer to anyone who can invent a device that will remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As one of the largest science prizes on offer, it is likely to attract huge interest globally in a bid to combat climate change.The initiative was launched today by British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and former US Vice-President Al Gore in London.The US$25 million "Virgin Earth Challenge" Prize can be claimed for any invention that will remove "significant" amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - perhaps in the order of a billion tonnes a year. Current global emissions are more than 7 billion tonnes per year."The winner must be able to demonstrate a commercially viable design which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric, greenhouse gases each year for at least ten years without countervailing harmful effects," state the written rules of the competition. It must "contribute materially to the stability of the Earth's climate".The winning entry could be anything from manufacturing bacteria to install in industrial emissions pipes, to creating a system that buries CO2 underground, or even inventing artificial trees to breathe in the gas from the air.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

metacafe video

I'm trying to embed a video hosted on metacafe, but instructables does not seem to want to let me do this. Are metacafe videos just not supported by this site, or is it just me being hopeless?

Posted by sam noyoun 11 years ago

Can you help me brainstorm a better way to make a vaulting barrel?

Hi, Thanks for your interest.I want to find someone to make a vaulting barrel. What is a vaulting barrel you may ask? It is a "fake horse" used in the sport of equestrian vaulting , which is gymnastics, essentially, on horseback. There are lots of instructions around involving the welding 55 gallon drums, etc. The problem is these barrels are very heavy and unwieldly. I am not persuaded this this is the best design. I am wondering, for example, could they be made from PVC or something else? Is there a better way to attach the padding? Can the handles be removable easily. The legs, adjustable. I would love to figure out a better approach. Here are the specsspecs (PDF) from the American Vaulting Association and here are some picturespictures.I would appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!muggle

Posted by Muggle 11 years ago

Home theater Pc

I'm making a home theater pc for out in my living room. I had some problems with getting colour through tv out for some ungodly reason, but installing the catalyst drivers for my ati card seemed to solve the problem. Anywho, the specs are:Pentium 2 450mhz192mb of ram (I have more that was origionally in it, but I was having problems with it just flashing off and corrupting the hard drive, bad ram = corrupt data so I have yet to sort out what's bad)A really old 6 gig hd, I plan to buy a 80 gig hd for it in about 2 weeks.Ati Radeon 7000 w/ dual vga out and tv out obviouslyI think it's fine for playing movies and the such, and it's a generally fast computer, (I have xp pro installed) but the hd slows it down unbearably so hopefully I get that fixed soon with the new hard drive. I've had a 80 gig in it before and I know how fast it gets. Anywho, I need suggestions for a media front, like windows media center type of thing, because on a tv, it's rather hard to see the print on the screen and navigate through files and music. I appreciate anyone that can suggest and software.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago

Random number generator

I am looking to purchase or looking to make or looking for someone to make or show me how to make a simplistic ramdom number generator with a simple 2 digit lcd readout. This will be used as an automatic dice roller for a board game. The random numbers can be fixed to read out from 1 - 12 or even up to 24. Or, if not too difficult, programble, to make it more versatile Perhaps a prototype could be made by using some existing components such as from a digital clock or watch. Can anyone tell me if; 1. There is anything like this on the market? 2. There is an easy, inexpensive way to built something like this? Or 3. If someone would be interested in building something like this for me?

Posted by CSUjr 11 years ago

Random number generator

I am looking to purchase or looking to make or looking for someone to make or show me how to make a simplistic ramdom number generator with a simple 2 digit lcd readout. This will be used as an automatic dice roller for a board game. The random numbers can be fixed to read out from 1 - 12 or even up to 24. Or, if not too difficult, programble, to make it more versatile Perhaps a prototype could be made by using some existing components such as from a digital clock or watch. Can anyone tell me if; 1. There is anything like this on the market? 2. There is an easy, inexpensive way to built something like this? Or 3. If someone would be interested in building something like this for me?

Posted by CSUjr 11 years ago

Make an x10 Camera power adapter from another adapter?

I don't have an adapter for it but I want to wire an adapter to the power cord of the camera. The ratings for the camera are 12VDC and 80 mA max. What adapter would I need? How would I wire the power cord to a batery pack? The camera's power cord has a red wire, a white wire, and copper wire around the insulted ones.

Posted by TonyfromPrego 11 years ago

How to create local YouTube or other flash-based videos?

I'm giving a talk about Instructables and user-innovation this week and want to show some videos people have embedded in their Instructables via YouTube, GoogleVideo, etc... How can I create a local version of the video so I can show it without internet access, or, even better, embed it in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation?

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Checking electric on an oven

I have a problem with my oven which is tripping the fuses. It has a grill, top and bottom heating. I have diconnected each of the elements and think I have isolated it to one of the elements. I have removed that element and find, I can get a continuity reading across the two in put terminals, which I guess just means it is intact. However, I get a low reading across the earth and one terminal. Can anyone tell me if that is what I should expect? It's so annoying as I have had the oven almost 5 years (new with the new apartment) and this is the first time I have tried to use it. Previously I just used my combi microwave. Thanks for any advice.

Posted by johncar 11 years ago

The K'nexecutioner - Perfect Duck's premiere super-heavy gatling.

Here for the topic on Moloro0's forum.

Posted by Perfect Duck 11 years ago

Valentine's Day is almost here!

I hope everyone is busily finishing their projects!

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

New Group Members Welcome Topic

Here in this topic, please introduce yourself, tell us your hobbies, and anything Atloids that you have done or plan to do!

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

The art of hornets

Dsicussion about the art and how to practice

Posted by dammoonnm 11 years ago

Tool's very first vacuum pump

My boss cleaned out his office since he's retiring (and I'll miss him, as long as you did your job he left you alone, maybe quarterly reports, just the kind of boss I need) anyways he gave me a vacuum pump, he said its been there unused as long as he has >35years. So I thought I'd get advice before i even plug it in. It's a Curtin Matheson Scientific googleing gave me no info other than the Gast AD220 oil it requires can be substituted with sae 10 detergent oil. Anyone familiar? any advice?

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

Question about the contest

I justmade something realy cool! but already have an entry in the contest?Am i allowed 2 entries?

Posted by evy-wevy 11 years ago

2-Switch Flashlight

If nobody has seen yet, my Easy LED Flashlight. I was wondering how I would make a double switch and double light on the flashlight. Do I have to add hookup wire to the one switch and connect it to the other switch and then have more hookup wire going to my other LED? -Thanks in advance -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago