Hello, I am trying to make a device or find out if there exists a device that can be programmed to send audio,video,pictures or text for marketing and advertising purposes. Say i wanted to utilize Bluetooth 4.0 which shouldn't be necessarily open for it to receive all this data. How do i go about this. Any help would be appreciated

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bluetooth for arduino?

I want to connect arduino uno to my android phone. can i use regular bluetooth  or i need to use some special?

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help with bluetooth? Answered

Hi i need to connect my ipod dock to my  macbook pro via bluetooth all i need is a little device that can pug into a standard headphone socket and receive audio it will be fine if it only works on pc 

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Bluetooth repeater

This is actually a question, for a group who appear to be the real hackers of science. OK, so much for the butter.. here's my question: I've seen an add for a Bluetooth device which will connect up to five headsets, forum style. But at 400 plus shipping, U.S., I was wondering if there might be another... more techie... cheaper way to do it. I only need to couple two headsets, but I understand that headsets don't have the smarts to be able to pair with each other. Any takers? Anyone do this before? Thanks, Stan

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Bluetooth gadget

Hi gadgeteers :) I know what I want and I know how I want it to work. I have seen on here and other sites circuits and projects that almost do what I want, but the they are too complex. Basically I want a keyless vehicle ignition using bluetooth. What it needs to do: When my mobile moves into range it will turn on (and stay on). When my mobile moves out of range it will turn off. It needs to run from vehicle power or recharge itself from it. It specifically does not require an app on the subject device. I normally keep my bluetooth turned off, so it would actually be when it is turned on or off.

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BlueTooth switch

Hello from France,I would like to build a simple voltage amplifier BUT remoted by a blueTooth switch.What kind of materiel do i have to set on my board circuit for this bluetooth connection ?Thx

Asked by YannickG10 6 weeks ago

Ds Bluetooth

Is it possible to make a DS slot 2 (GBA) Bluetooth adapter?? If the above is possible, is it also possible to run an app from a slot 1 mem card and connect to a device using bluetooth at the same time??

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Resistors on the Bluetooth speaker!! Answered

I wanted to know why the resistors were used on the Bluetooth speaker and if I need them,  what size are they? 

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Component AV to Bluetooth?

How do I make an adapter that takes an AV signal and transmits it via Bluetooth to a device such as an iPad or a laptop?

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Bluetooth Class Request

Can we have a bluetooth class please? I'd like to see one with Blynk especially. I've been learning it for the past couple weeks for the Arduino 101 and there's no good resources online, just a bunch of hack and half of them don't work.  I'm actually gonna write a bunch of ible for the community, but a class would be awesome!

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Boombox Bluetooth mods

I have a JVC RV-NB1 Kaboom Series Boombox and want to mod it with a "Decoder Board USB/TF/ Reader IR Remote Bluetooth/FM Audio Board Module MP3". "Bluetoothing" this box is easy but installing this module involves a bit more ie. usb, TF slot, aux, FM. IR for remote any ideas as to connecting the rest. I can't seem to find a schematic from JVC. It has an FM tuner and can decode mp3,WAV,CDA,FLAC. CD's.Plus I want to add either a LiPo 4200mAh battery or a transformer for charging the module.any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Chuck Reed

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Bluetooth to landline phone

Hello, I would like to use the bluetooth headset I use with my cell phone for my landline phone at home. There are oodles of instructions out there on how to hack headsets to put them into old phones, I am looking for the opposite. Apparently Jabra used to make something that could have got me started (I believe it was called an A210) but that doesn't seem to be sold any longer. There are some wireless phones out there that incorporate bluetooth, but why add a battery operated wireless phone to a wireless headset - the bluetooth range would give me what I need to stay unencumbered. I have an old cell I could hack apart but I suspect that it would be tricky to get its bluetooth hacked into the analog phone line... Any thoughts? berserk

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Momentary switch to Bluetooth

I'd like to make a number of smallish (say 0.75x1x2 inches) battery-powered Bluetooth boxes each of which connects to a momentary switch, and sends an RFCOMM or HID signal via Bluetooth on depression and another on release, and which will to communicate with an Android device. Because I want to make several of these, I want something super cheap and super simple to make.  (The purpose is to make a simple wireless touch detection system for foil and epee fencing. Without on-target detection, it's not going to be great, but it will be an improvement over refereeing fully dry bouts, since at least one will have proper impact and lockout timing.) Here are options I've been thinking about: 1. One thing that would *almost* do the job is to buy one of those $3-5 ebay Bluetooth phone camera remotes, and just wire my switch to it. The only problem is that according to the ads I've seen, these Bluetooth phone camera remotes go to sleep in 2-10 minutes when paired (exact timing seems to depend on the model), and I would really rather avoid this (the 10 minutes is almost acceptable). If anybody knows of a way of keeping them paired and awake for a longer period of time (say, 15 minutes or permanently), I would love to hear. This would be the cheapest and simplest solution, and it comes with a case and battery (some units are even USB chargeable).  2. On the other extreme of the price range, I happen to have some extra Brainlink modules with an atxmega and an RN-42 module inside, and it wouldn't take long to customize the firmware to do the job. But the modules sell for $39 (though sometimes on sale for $20), and that seems overkill for something so simple. And they are a touch larger than I like (about 3 inches diameter, and an awkward shape). 3. Another option might be to use a cheap serial Bluetooth module without additional hardware, and wire the switch directly to CTS. Unfortunately, I don't think the cheap HC-06 modules support CTS, though I think the HC-07 does support it (but I don't know if I can access it as it's probably not one of the pins on the header). Moreover, there are two unanswered questions on Stackexchange on how to access CTS/RTS status from Android, so this might require using a laptop as the base station (which isn't ideal). 4. A very cheap microcontroller with a UART (or just bit-banging) plus a cheap Bluetooth module. This increases the complexity of the project, but might be the way to go. More specific recommendations are welcome, as I have no experience with the hardware side of dealing with a microcontroller (on the software side, I've spent a fair amount of time tweaking the firmware of the Brainlink unit).

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Bluetooth speaker not turning on?


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Bluetooth ?

How can I make a simple switch using Bluetooth??

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how to make bluetooth device?

How to make bluetooth device?

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Is there a standalone bluetooth detector?

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how to build bluetooth device?

I wanted to turn on/off the LED light from my bluetooth enabled cell phone and building cost can be around $10, not above $10 :) . Is it possible?

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how to test a bluetooth module?

I have a problem with my bluetooth module. I have interfaced it with my arduino board and it was working properly, but now all of a sudden it is not working at all. The led which ensures that it is turned on is not blinking neither my cell phone is searching it. Please help me to find out t he exact problem as i want to be sure before buying another module.

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[Arduino] Problem connection Bluetooth

Hi all, A while ago I got a HC06 bluetooth module. In the beginning everything worked OK, but now some problems have appeared. Pairing in Android works fine, as well as with my laptop. The problem arises when connecting my phone (Google Android 4.2 with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR) to the device. BlueTooth Serial Controller 16 seems the only working app, but I would like to use my own application, based on the code described here Also other apps like BlueSerial Beta and Bluetooth ssp pro do not work. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this problem? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Zytro

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Changing bluetooth identification data

Hi I bought this bluetooth audio module from Now is it possible to change the bluetooth identification name, wch appears on the phone to pair, from what is mentioned. Thanks.

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Bluetooth Transceiver for headsets with a mic

Hello Everyone, I would like to build a module that is a Bluetooth transceiver that I can connect to a two-way radio. I have seen many transmitters for Bluetooth but they don't have the correct connection. I need a Mic/audio/Ground type. Can someone here point me in the correct direction. Thanks Hobs

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Bluetooth adapter for car audio

Dear all, I have a Skoda audio system integrated into my Skoda which has a cd reader plus a cd changer, but  only a CD button(no AUX available). I would like to stick inside the audio system a Bluetooth receiver so I can listen to music stored in my phone. The goal is to solder a Bluetooth receiver to the audio system without loosing the cd functionality. On top of that I would like to be able to change from one source to the other without having to use an external button like a 3PDT switch. Thanks in advance, Pedro

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How to bluetooth my PSP?

Is there a way i can make my PSP to be compatible with bluetooth headsets with the buttons(e.g. play, pause, next and previous) so that i can play music/videos remotely.

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Bluetooth finger print reader

I need a design (better yet an operating) hand held, battery operated bluetooth enabled finger print reader. That is, the bluetooth enabled finger print reader would store one finger print and then compare the person usign the reader to the print stored. If the prints matched it woudl send out an approval code. I am sure someone out there could make one. How can I contact that person? 

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Bluetooth vs Radio Frequency Answered

This is a 3 part question: 1. I am a bit confused. Radio frequency covers 3KHz to 300GHz, so it basically includes bluetooth(2.4 GHz). Why is it that some people talk about bluetooth as something not relating to RF. Do they have different transmission methods? WIFI is also @ 2.4GHZ. What is the distinction between WIFI and bluetooth that makes them so different, covering different ranges, and being able to send different amounts of data at different speeds. I always thought it was the frequency of the wave but WIFI and bluetooth are the same yet they are so different.  2. I am building a project. I need to send data wirelessly. The data is very simple just to turn on or off a series of leds. A friend of mine told me to use radio waves. What does he mean by that exactly since radio range is huge. Is he talking about 40MHz like the RC cars? 3.Bluetooth or RF(again im assuming this to be the same one as RC cars since i will break apart an RC car to remove the transmitter/receiver)Which method consumes less power to send the same amount of data. Distance will not be over 10 meters so i'm not worried about that.  Thanks for the help everyone, much appreciated! Chris

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Measuring a Bluetooth modules output? Answered

There is a serial Bluetooth module that I have used before on an Arduino project but now I'm trying to use in a project without the Arduino. Basically I need it to be an electronic trigger, I don't care really what the signal is just how long and the voltage and current. There are 4 pins on the module: Vcc, GND, Tx, and Rx. There are 2 open pads: Key and State. When I send a command from my phone the module sends a signal out the Tx pin, and it is this signal I would like to measure so I can pick a command with an appropriate signal and tailor the rest of the circuit accordingly. I tried a voltmeter between Tx and GND but saw no signal on any level measuring DC. Is there something I'm missing? Is the signal more complex or different, or is that test setup flawed? I tried other combinations, Rx-GND, Tx-Rx, RX-Tx, GND-Tx, GND-Rx but saw nothing.

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Bluetooth (HC-06) with ATtiny85

Hi everyone,      I've been playing around with the HC-06 Bluetooth module for a while now and have had great success with it so far.  However, I have been using the Arduino Uno and Pro Mini, which have quite a few unused pins in my applications.  In order to downsize I'm trying to use the Atmel ATtiny85 chip.  I have used it many times in the past so I'm at least a bit familiar with its functions and limits.  For some reason I cannot get the Bluetooth module to work with the ATtiny85.  After many long and frustrating hours spent in vain, I decided to ask you all for help.  Does anyone know of any good tutorials or code for using the ATtiny85 with the HC-06 module?  It would be great if I could use the app Ardudroid to control the ATtiny85, but any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks ~Dudes

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bluetooth detected cercuit needed!!! Answered

I really need a diagram for a circuit that would be detected by bluetooth device if possible ofcourse if not it would be very help full to share another device that would serve the same , i mean as a small simple device that would be detected by bluetooth .

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Arduino bluetooth audio controlled?

Hey i was wondering if an arduino could be controlled by bluetooth, but if you say something. Like using a bluetooth ear piece connected wirelessly to your arduino board and saying "on" to turn an LED on, and same with off. Is it possible or not? Also, does anyone know where i can find a good arduino bluetooth guide? Thanks alot!!

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hacking bluetooth

How can i get a Bluetooth hacking software that doesn't require pairing codes and works with iphone 4?

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Is there a SUPER BLUETOOTH for Motorola Phones like the RIVAL?

Is there a SUPER BLUETOOTH for Motorola Phones like the RIVAL?

Asked by curmudge-man 8 years ago

Is it possible to access Bluetooth capabilities from an old cell phone? Answered

 Can you use an old cellphone with Bluetooth to, for example, print to a bluetooth printer? As in a phone without a carrier?

Asked by brandegor 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to make Bluetooth enabled scientific calculator???

Asked by ritesh nair 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

can we send analog signal using bluetooth without converting to digital signal?

I wanted to attach bluetooth to lvdt sensor.  output of that lvdt is sine wave . that signal is given to bluetooth , is it possible to send sine wave using bluetooth without converting into digital form?

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how do i bypass onstar to pair up my bluetooth with my car. my car is not bluetooth campatible according to onstar.

I have been told that there is a way around onstar, even if my car isn't bluetooth compatible. if this is true, can someone tell me how to go bypass onstar?

Asked by jlm7197 6 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how do I add bluetooth to my simple usb keyboard?

Is it possible to make a self powered solar/battery usb bluetooth dongle? Would a solar collector from a solar calculator provide enough power to energize the bluetooth dongle? I have a simple flexible usb keyboard that I would like to use with my htc smartphone. How do I add a usb bluetooth dongle to the keyboard.

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how to design circuit for bluetooth?

I have LVDT probs . i want to convert that signal in to digital signal ,and than that signal send with help of bluetooth.

Asked by vijaysinha 7 years ago

How do you use bluetooth on a computer?

How do you use bluetooth on a computer?

Asked by curmudge-man 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Configuring Digital Scale for Bluetooth?

I'm working on a project using a scale. I would like this scale to be able to submit data to my computer via bluetooth. How can I configure my digital scale to use bluetooth?

Asked by DerekFalkan 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Bluetooth help

I have  an old Wurlitzer jukebox and an old Wurlitzer speaker.  I'm wondering if anybody can give me any advice on how to convert them via Bluetooth so that the speaker can pick up the music from the Jukebox to Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth sensor

Hey guys, I like electronics but I want to learn about bluetooth interfacing. As a start I want to send a signal from a push button/sensor to another bluetooth receiver (phone for example). To be honest I have no idea where to start from. Can you help me out?

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Where is the cheapest place to buy a bluetooth adapter for my computer? Answered

I want to connect my wiimote to my computer but don't have a bluetooth adapter. Can ayone help me buy a cheap one. I don't want to buy online.

Asked by nbagf 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to make a real Bluetooth range extender?

I want a bluetooth device that connects to my phone as a standard bluetooth headset and allows any bluetooth headset to connect to it as if it were my phone. I am thinking of using it (or chaining a few of them) to create a larger area for my bluetooth headset for my phone. THANKS!? (Yes...I have seen the antenna hacks, but they don't allow me to boost the power of the signal like I need to.  And, this device should also allow chaining to get the signal out a lot further and around metal obstacles.) Even better would be the ability to connect multiple devices to the extender so that multiple people could be on the same call on their bluetooth headsets simultaneously.  ('s getting deep in here.  But the geek in me wants what it wants.)

Asked by squishyalt 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

bluetooth speakers?

Does anyone know a way/ device i can hack/build to hook up to a speaker system to make it wireless? i have an iPhone an speakers, but i just don't know where to start, because i don't want to spend money on something i could make. would an old cell phone work, (it has bluetooth)

Asked by fbasmajian 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

thème bluetooth ( programmation ) ?

Bonjour Comment créer un programme qui permette de controler des certaines fonctions a mon ordinateur AVEC LA TECHNOLOGIE BLUETOOTH Je n'ai pas besoin d'un programme ou bien logicielle mais je suis besoin de Découvrez comment la création (code java ou n'importe quelle Longages de programmation) merci d'avance

Asked by otouati 5 years ago

bluetooth class 1 and simple number entry (eg:1234567890)?

I am trying to develop a system used for data entry. all i am trying to do is have the ability to enter data aprox 12 characters long (1234567890#$). Have this data sent with bluetooth to a labtop after every entry either automatic or using one of the 12 keys to send. I dont really care what is used to achieve this even if its a cell phone.

Asked by ekoar 9 years ago

Embedded human interface device for voice and data communication?

I am trying to built a Bluetooth device which can communicate or live stream  voice to master and also the status of switches in it. ie, it should sent both voice and data simultaneously, can anyone suggest Bluetooth module which i can do this. am doing my project on pic..

Asked by JishnuprakashN 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Repurpose Bluetooth Chip from Wireless Headphones?

I've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones that I'm pretty sure is about to kick the bucket; they don't hold a charge properly and they seems to be falling apart.  Kinda what I get for being cheap I guess. I don't feel like spending money on getting a new LiPo battery to attempt to fix anything (especially considering shipping, etc. repairs will probably cost more than the headphones themselves), and so I was wondering if I could take out the Bluetooth chip inside and repurpose it for some other project with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, probably for transmitting data from a sensor. A side note, if there are any ways I can refurbish the headphones themselves in a way that's worth the time, money, and effort, I'd like to hear about that, as well. Thank you!

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