Does anyone know how to identify a ring? Answered

I have a ring but i dont know what kind so could anyone please tell me if they know a way to identify it, Thanks.

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How do i get my parents to give me my xbox back?

I tryed rasieng my grades and beeing more mature how else can i deal with it?

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7 segment display nsn64r

Hi!Is there anyone having data on nsn64r pinout ? I found a few of them but no pinout instructions.Thanks

Asked by gonzo_one 13 hours ago

#ibles ornament prize pack

Hello everyone, I just won a prize for the instructables ornament and I was filling the details form. Then, I read one statement which stated that if I live outside US then I will receive a coupon of the prize value. I am not a fan of money but a fan of Instructables. So, at last I want to say that I would like to get the instructables prize pack instead of a $10 coupon. If you will send the pack, it will remain with me forever but the movey will get spent Thanks

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T370hw02 v0 control board

Hey.I have a t370hw02 v0 control board with a lcd scrren attached, and was wondering how i could get a display board (to actually use the screen) Is the posible, and how does the sceen work? There was backlighting in the case (it came from a tv) and i am not quite sure i understand how that works :| pls help. I understand that i have minimal knowledge on the topic, but i am here to learn

Asked by RasmusL15 20 hours ago

Electric longboard, vesc issuies

Hello im useing an 6374 192kv motor and a 12s 2p battery it all turns on okay but when i press thrrotlle motor jolts then vesc turns off

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If a person can feel magnetic fields does that mean they have electromagnetic hypersensitivity? Answered

I want to know cause I have a reletive who can feel magnetic fields from magnets.

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Switched Mode Variable Power Supply

Curious, Monday or Tuesday of this last week I found an Instructable for a Switched Mode Variable Power Supply I found very interesting. I didn’t print the design out because I wasn’t sure how I was fixed for parts. I went back the next day and the Instructable was gone. All I get is; “404: We're sorry, things break sometimes” I really don’t have any other description other than it was built in a metal enclosure, blue, and used 2 V/A meters. Without the Instructable I can’t even tell you who made the Instructable. Has anyone seen and/or has the plans for this Instructables? The only thing I can add is a picture I've added from the internet.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis

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How can I fix my DSi?

Okay, I have a DSi since 2010 (I don't remember when I bought it, so this could be false. Look, it's old. OK?) And it's been working fine untill one day. I turned it on, and the power light (blue in this case) turned on for a milisecond and then turned off. I tried it multiple times but nope. Plugging in the charger makes the charging light blink non-stop. So I tried opening up the DSi (I opended it up mutliple times before so the warranty is voided already. I also did it correctly the other times so opening it isn't the problem here) to find out what is wrong but I found nothing wrong in it! Sure, the ribbon cable connecting to the SD card is broken but it's been like that for years if I remember correctly. Battery was looking allright, took it out with a voltmeter, wasn't dead (Also, I doubt it static electricity because it wouldn't do ANYTHING). So, I closed it up and opended up the charger. Strangely enough, a piece of the charger's motherboard was cut off! Like someone took a bite! But how could I be using that charger for all this time and it was working. I won't use it again, defenitely. So I went to a store to try out the store's charger, it gets weirder. I plugged it in and the charging light flickered like before BUT, for only a couple of seconds. Anyway, I went home and couldn't figure it out what it is. Only thing I imagine is the charge port (the port where you put the cable to charge it, duh). I'm sorry if you cannot see the pictures very clear but my camera doesn't focus very well, and I'm not a profesional photographer to set the focus etc. So I'm writing now. Please help! Thanks  

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how do i repair a leaking gas tank without welding it?

no one makes the tank for my motorhome anymore and i do not have welding how do i fix this?

Asked by twighahn 8 years ago  |  last reply 1 day ago

Solid Color Analog LED strip

I just want to make a backlit box with a logo on it. I'm looking for the backlighting to be green. Every single video or tutorial I find on Analog LED strips jumps straight into using a controller or an Arduino. Can I not just use a power supply? Can I use resistors or something of the like to send x amount of power to r, g, or b for the color I want? Is there not just a simple LED strip guide out there?

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Mechanical / Wind up - 60 minutes timer

Hello guys,I am planning to do one project where I need to use mechanical timer - or better said mechanism. It needs to run for 60 minutes and it does not need to be really precise. So +/- 5 minutes is not a problem. Now... the main "problem" bothering me is the size of this mechanism. Maximum diameter of the mechanism should be under 3.5cm and maximum thickness can be 2.5cm.. This is why I can not use mechanical mechanism from kitchen timer. Because it is too big. (diameter of around 5.5cm or even more).. I have been thinking of mechanism from wind up toys since it is really small.. Is there any way to modify it? Does anybody have experience with this? I have been thinking also of using damper and spring... The other requirement is that it needs to be cheap (which means under 5$), that is why I can not use mechanism from watches. Basically what I would need is the same mechanism you can get in kitchen timer, but it needs to be smaller. Now I do not care with which technique or mechanism we achieve this. It just need to run for 60 minutes and it needs to be mechanical. Can anybody please help me with suggestions on how to make this work? Thank you everybody in advance!Best Regards, Luke

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How to save mobile no in arduinos eeprom after reading it from sms recieved on arduino via sim 800 module

Hello! i am building a college project irrigation monitoring device which monitor soil moisture and send that data to mobile via sms. the number to which the sms is send is initially feed into arduino sketch. i want to change that no by sending a sms to arduino . that sms must contain a password followed by new mobile no i have tried but it could not read that no from sms and put it into eeprom. on aduino forum also their is no clue about how to do.sorry for such english.please help .

Asked by pratikpitale 1 day ago

how can i make an improvised sewing needle? Answered

I often rip holes in my pants by the knee and my house has a sewing kit but i hardly ever know where to find it so i need a good improvised needle to use .

Asked by kaiga 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 days ago

How to bypass the Zscaler web proxy/filter? Answered

Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 3 browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If possible I would prefer Firefox because of the add-ons that I have with it. And i can't modify anything within the advance settings button on the Network/Internet Preference Pane. And as my last resort I ask all of you on how do I bypass this web filter? P.S. I have a mac mountain lion v10.8.4 Tank you very much for your support

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Hello, I am trying to make a device or find out if there exists a device that can be programmed to send audio,video,pictures or text for marketing and advertising purposes. Say i wanted to utilize Bluetooth 4.0 which shouldn't be necessarily open for it to receive all this data. How do i go about this. Any help would be appreciated

Asked by chenane 6 days ago  |  last reply 2 days ago

Pumps n stuff

So I have this project and I need a rather large set of pumps.Ideally I’m looking for peristaltic pumps, but a normal one will work too. 600ml/min+ (ideally 1500+). Also I’m looking for solenoids. I can find them for around 5 each but this is way to expensive. Where can I find this stuff cheaper.

Asked by CamdenS5 2 days ago

Component ID Answered

Can any one ID this component?I'm just really starting out and going through a few boards to try and sort out what's what.But I can't figure out what the cream coloured component with the black band is.

Asked by KTM1290S 4 days ago  |  last reply 2 days ago

Where to start on a custom LED stand? Answered

I have this awesome globe. The continents are transparent, and the water is translucent. The south is flat and translucent. When I shine a light through the bottom, it gets partially diffused at the base and lights up the translucent surface.I want to make a small stand to hold the globe, plus an arduino nano and some LED. I'm lacking in shop skills, so I'm looking for resources on useful materials and similar projects.

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how can i make wedding invitations?

How can I make most of a wedding invitation at home?

Asked by costakout 8 years ago  |  last reply 3 days ago

Battery powering a Mini ITX Gaming Desktop? Answered

Hi all, Firstly two things; 1) I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of the guys on this answers section, for giving a lot of their time whilst being incredibly helpful, patient and overall just awesome! Just to name a few of the most consistently helpful; steveastrouk, Kiteman, iceng and Downunder35m.  2) I know this question has been asked before and asking it again has been my last resort after trawling the web as I know reviving old topics can irritate the OP etc.. But anyway: I am building another PC, with the challenge of it being a portable 'console killer'. The idea is to make a Mini ITX gaming PC as small as possible (a challenge in itself) which can run for an hour or two on battery and then needing to be plugged in and recharged whilst still being usable. The current specs;  Asus H81I-PLUS Intel H81 DDR3 Mini ITX Motherboard (1150 Socket) Intel i5 3.2Ghz Processor Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GPU CPU Liquid Cooler Corsair Hydro H55 120mm Fan So I need all of this...   ...battery powered... So I was thinking; all a PSU is is an AC adapter and step down transformer. So all I would need is several laptop batteries (and a way of charging them seperately) , a way of mounting them, a voltage regulator and wiring to power the computer and bypass the battery AND charge it when I am using a laptop external PSU. Right? But then, is the high current from a wall socket necessary to a PC's function? Thanks!

Asked by Digital Flame 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 days ago


Hallo guys I have ESP8266 programmed to operate at MODBUS TCP / IP and PLC (LSIS) connected to router by Ethernet MODBUS. I made connection between them successfully (using P2P service found in PLC) through router, but the connection produce error. P2P service found to make connection between LSIS devices and other devices. This service requires inter the read and write memory address for ESP8266 with condition that the address must has 5 digit. Knowing that I use simple diode connection on GPIO pin-14. The problem is when I search for ESP8266 memory map addresses, I find it (0x60000360) 8 digit and this return error from PLC side. Please can any one help me?

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What's this woodcarving tool?

Https:// The tool used to make the wooden "last", about 20 second s into the video- what is that wood working tools called?

Asked by Toga_Dan 4 days ago  |  last reply 4 days ago

Which AC appliances will run on DC?

I am planning on constructing a completely self sufficient home, with the energy created in DC using a water wheel, windmill, and/or generator. I wanted to stay away from inverters (unless REALLY needed), and wonder if i can make dc plug sockets and plug the AC appliances into the DC (building rules and regs wouldnt apply) . They would mainly be simple kitchen appliances eg mixers, and a lot of tools. They would be run from a bank of 12v batteries. i would also use DC lights in the house.i thought this may be possible from this instructables-,-without-an-Inv/any help would be GREATLY appreciated!?

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ok at my school they block right click so i cant change my wallpaper so how do i enable it?

Ok at my school they block right click so i cant change my wallpaper so how do i enable it?

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Transformer less 6v smd led driver circuit? Answered

Hi, I have buy a 6V smd led board which have12leds. Now I what to make a cheap transformer less power supply that light it in 220v ac  mains. I try with a 474k capacitor with 100k resistor parallel and 4 dioads and  a 1k resistor connect to the positive dc output . It works but the light of led is too low. I want a circuit  like in led bulbs to drive them. Thank you.

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How many instructables can a member enter into one contest?

Hello,I just wanted to know if a member could enter more than one instructable into a single contest.

Asked by Bforce2321 8 days ago  |  last reply 4 days ago

Measure RPM and MPH on motorcylce with Arduino

Hi all, I have an idea for an Arduino based instrument cluster for my cafe racer (1980 xs400). My question is what kind of rotary encoder I should use to measure the rotation from the cables coming from the engine block and front wheel that went to the original cluster (shown in pictures). I want something that won't break at higher RPMs and is more or less water proof. I have an idea of how to code this on the software level as well, but I'm not to experienced with C/C++ so any help there would also be appreciated. The end goal for this part of the cluster is to output the RPM and MPH to respective WS2812B 5050 LED strips, and possibly a small oLED later down the line. If something could be made more clear on this post let me know and I'll try to elaborate. Thanks again

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what is element if the chemical formula is NaCI ?

give the element

Asked by warengadia 8 years ago  |  last reply 5 days ago

how many Amps does a AA battery have? Answered

Ive been told that 50 milliAmps is enough to kill a person. when i toutch a 9V battery with my tongue, i dont die, so it means its less than 50 milliAmps?

Asked by Owzcarde 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 days ago

quick two wires diagram,4 wires in one blk,green,white,red,other red, blk, cell phone?what goes together?

4 wires too 2 wires how do you put them together Blk,red,green,white the other blk  ,red to get a connection for cell phone charger have to use what i have right now

Asked by monsterhung 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 days ago

Did you notice how the internet and mobile phones totally changed our culture?

Go back just 20 years and on a busy shopping street you saw the poeple walking around as they do today - or did they?I remember poeple talking to each other, standing in front of the shop windows and checking the offers.People greeting each other or stopping for a chat.Now all you see it zombies staring at their phone screen or texting.Even the dreaded "self talker" with a BT earpiece seems to die out.You like fast food don't you? ;)But did you ever bother to waste some time watching people going through the drive through?Back in the days they mostly tried to keep their cigarette going or the girls were busy with the make up.Today it is almost impossibe to spot someone making it through a drive through without playing on his or her phone.The shopping is finnished and all you want is to pay once your trolley was emptied onto the conveyor going to the register.If it were not for the person in front of you...On hand holds the phone to the ear, you hear the latest gossip you don't want to know anything about...And then painfully slow one hand tries to load the trolley again and then finally tries to find a credit with still some money left on it.My favourite are however all those people who are fully addicted to their phone and go mental if you try to tell them.You are having a cold beer with your mate and just want to reflect about the great day fishing.Hold on a second....Oh, did you see this today? ....Ok, just quickly checking FB...Your beer is already number three while your mates beer went warm and stale.Fair enough, was a long day...Then you knock at his door at 3AM to take the boat or or go on a trip.Still half asleep but the phone and all social media must be checked before even making it to the toilet...You get the picture, hopefully not by looking in a mirror now ;)When the "internet" started to be a thing I was already long on the wagon of "online".And back then some big players in the game said "One day we will all be connected in real time!".Of course everyone had a good laugh and moved on.No chance "everyone" could afford a computer, let alone get the skills to go "online".But look at today:You call your provider, tell them you need internet at home and you just plug a box in and have it.Oh, moible is prefered?No problem, just pick the phone you fancy, add a sim card and off you go minutes later.I remember libraries not just as a place to read books but also as a place to learn new things.Explore the world, see other cultures...If you could afford it you might have seen it all for yourself and in real.Today all this is replaced by a single term:"Google it!"What we have today is a simple money scheme created through the totally useless "need" to be connected.So how do you know that you are already addicted to you electronic friend and failed to realise it?Quite simple actually and in the same way as maybe your grandparents did with your parents - if they are old enough ;)Yes I mean the goggle box, the good old TV.Back in the day we said that 4 hours of TV time for a teen is already quite much.We can't escape screens for work or school needs anymore.What we can though is ask:How many hours per day do you spend on yo phone? The time that is not work or school related...How much of your daily life do you organise through your phone by texting, social media or just notes, reminders and so on?Do you complain that even the newest phone newer has enough charge for your "needs"? ;)Do you get cramps in your hands or fingers? ;)Or just plain simple: How long could you really be totally without mobile phone, computer and internet?The answers you give yourself might shock you ;)What are your thoughts on the mobile phone zombies of today?

Asked by Downunder35m 6 days ago

How does this furnace work?

I just bought a "custom crucible furnace" from a local university's surplus department and I have absolutely no idea how to get it working. It is roughly 4 feet in diameter and 4 1/2 feet tall, it has 6 'coils' of metal attached in series with thick ribbon-y cable at the top. The side has a 'band' that sticks out but as far as I can tell it is hollow.From what I can tell it might be an arc furnace that something blew up in and damaged a bunch of the components. I really want to get it working as I've been saving aluminum cans for a long time and scrap metal so my plan now is to just hook up the cables to my arc welder and see what happens :) but if anyone knows anything about it or where I can go to get more info that would be much appreciated!

Asked by bravoechonovember1 7 days ago  |  last reply 6 days ago

I am in search for a sims plumbob jar

I will pay anyone who can build me a sims plumbob (the green crystal diamond, above sims heads). I want a green, made from crystal, plumbob. Hollow, in order for me to use as a jar. Big enough for me to contain 2 liters of water in it. Some sort of stand to hold it upright also helpful, but not needed. The plumbob is more important.

Asked by martytorojr 6 days ago

Convert 2-AAA Keyboard to USB Powered Answered

Let me preface this by saying, no, I don't want to just get another wired keyboard - I want this one as it is small and compact, and looks/feels nice as well as it was free.I have received a small Silver Crest wireless bluetooth keyboard and it runs off 2-AAA batteries. I'd like to convert it into a wired keyboard because I hate battery powered stuff and I want a replacement for my current one(keyboard).I've read that some projects recommended adding several diodes to lower the voltage from the 5v USB output or using resistors but I'd like to have more concrete information for this specific project. Will the amperage be too much/little? Will there be any noise that might interfere with the signals? (since it's bluetooth) etc

Asked by LiamB41 7 days ago  |  last reply 6 days ago

How to remove old adhesive from Bakelite plastic? Answered

Recently put back in to use an old Northern Telecom rotary dial telephone.  It works awesome and ironically it has the best sound out of all my phones, huh..  Anyway, the case is Bakelite plastic.  On it was an old label that had its phone number, contact info, yada yada yada...  I peel it off, but under neath the old adhesive made the plastic look matte, as opposed to the original glossy black that the rest of the phone has.  Any idea as to solvents to gently break down the adhesive, yet not effect the old Bakelite plastic?

Asked by iminthebathroom 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 days ago

Can being emotionless be considered good? Answered

Consider this: is an individual person better of with emotion, or with pure logic and a strict moral code? I mean, lots and lots of bad things in the world originate from emotion. People hurt others because they are angry, or because they are sad and want to feel better, or sometimes even for pleasure. Others' are moderately to seriously impeded by fear ( like phobia), by guilt, depression, anger;  revenge and pleasure (STD's, for example). Do the positive sides outweigh those? And before you answer, think this: people say sociopaths and psychopaths are emotionless, and therefore kill. but those merely suffer a lack of empathy and concience, and do bad stuff to satisfy their pleasure. Because, is there any logical reason to hurt or kill another human? And think about the Star Trek: The Next Generation character "Data" (if you know him). Emotionless, but the last person (or android, for that matter) in the galaxy to hurt another person without reason.

Asked by necropolian 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 days ago

Best way to control an air pump machine?

So I have a project in school and I need to create a bag that's expanding and contracting (inflating and deflating) I thought to put an air pressure machine, like the ones for a car or air beds and connect to the pressure control the arduino, remove the buttons and connect wires to the mechanism - then code the arduino to turn the air pressure - on for a few seconds and then turn on the air pressure to suck the air for a few seconds and reverse it again and again;(I added a picture to illustrate it)How can I achieve this exactly? Can I simply connect them to a digital output and simply close the circuit somehow every time I want it to be on and turn open it when I want ti to be off? Thanks!

Asked by RilkoE 11 days ago  |  last reply 8 days ago

How can I combine a salvaged auto turbocharger and a generator to make electric power? Answered

I am considering a hybrid engine for a golf cart.  I want to take a salvaged auto turbocharger as a base, use "alcohol" for fuel, and generate electricity for the electric motor of the cart.

Asked by hardlec 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 days ago

Cyanoacrylate accelerators?

I just read about these substances that are usually sold in mini spray bottles or aerosol cans.  They are supposed to be very useful when you apply a cyanoacrylate (CA) glue (aka superglue, etc.) over a somewhat large, flat surface, as they enhance the alkaline conditions to speed up the polymerization of the CA.     Given this information, does anybody know if a CA accelerator can be made from scratch by regular high pH household materials, like ammonia or sodium hydroxide?  If so, what concentration do you think would work?

Asked by jim5150jvc 6 years ago  |  last reply 8 days ago

I want to make a wave simulator (see video) but I wouldn't know where to look for parts or even what parts I would need.

It's for a school project - material research - but to start I need something very similar to this Can anyone point me in the right directi0on?

Asked by WoblemC 10 days ago  |  last reply 8 days ago

Help wth a 12v DC circuit

Hello all2 Questions pleaseI am working on a hobby project and I am needing to hook a 12v computer fan (200mm) which is 0.3A max...up to a Turnigy 5.0 Li-Po battery. The battery is 7.4v, 30-40c discharge, 5000mAh. I have ordered a DC to DC adjustable voltage "step-up" converter to increase the output to 12v (I am hoping this works). (Q1) - how (if at all) do I limit the output amperage to 0.3A without burning up the fan motor.The fan is going into a cosplay set of foam armor (to help keep some air flow going to try to keep semi-cool) and I am hoping to be able to run the fan for about 3hrs. If I can accomplish the above, (Q2) - how long might the fan run?Attached is the "step-up" I ordered...

Asked by Jeepguy001 11 days ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

Windmill Generator - why won't a small brush-less motor work as a windmill generator?

I bought a small brush-less motor that was designed as a motor for a small RC plane. I tested it by spinning it with a drill. I was surprised to find that the motor did not generate much in the way of voltage. Why not? It's too bad - many small brush-less motors are so nice. No brushes, ball bearings, and low cost. I would have thought that forcing a brush-less motor to spin would have generated power. Thanks for any insight.

Asked by jimk3038 8 years ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

charge a battery while using it?

Https:// hi, i'm looking for a way to charge a 12v deep cycle lead acid battery while powering an amplifier from the battery. Can i literally just attach the battery charger to the battery as well as the amplifier as long as the connections to the amplifier and charger do not touch? or is it not that simple?  The instructable linked above is what i what to implement it into. Any help will be appreciated! 

Asked by WillERoberts 5 years ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

How big is the average cinema screen size?

Asked by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

How to remove an instructable ?

I posted a instructable by mistake and want to delete it but can't delete it. I tried to unpublish it but it shows an empty instructable in my profile. Please help me to solve this problem.

Asked by OmK16 9 days ago

Where can I buy aluminum powder?

I don't want to buy 1 Ib. of this stuff and everyone on Ebay sells in 1 Ib. increments or more. Help??

Asked by chemguy 8 years ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

What happened to the mobile app?

It no longer will sign in, and isn't in the appstore. What happened?

Asked by FreePvp 1 year ago  |  last reply 10 days ago