Leds on trailer still on even if the car is off

So, I changed tail light on my trailer for new led ones the problem is the car outputs 12v at all time (which is normal) 12v then splits to 6v. But when 6v is comming to led light its slightly light up (the lights are 12v 0,5w). when i switch on lights, 12v is comming to led lights and they work how they should. So I need a way to light up the leds only at 12v any ideas ?

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When I click the Download all that comes up is {"error": "Sorry, we couldn't find that one!"}

Basically for the last few days I have not been able to download any Instructables even thought I have a valid and Current membership so what can I do

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Homemade Pressure Washer Answered

Hey guys, I had a lawnmower which broke at the blades, so I thought I'd turn it into a pressure washer. So  I welded up a frame from a old hand trolley and bolted on the engine. While I was looking around for a pump I realized that the engines made for pressure washers cannot be used for mowers. Is this the case the other way round?, Will a pump work on this engine? I'm 100% sure one will fit. Has anyone ever attempted/done this conversion? Thanks in advance!! Chris~ Engine- Briggs n Stratton 550 vertical shaft from mower Pump- http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PRESSURE-WASHER-PUMP-FITS-TOO-MANY-MODELS-LIST-/320557340892?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item4aa2b4d8dc 

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Legal consideration of steam boilers?

How large can a model steam boiler be before it has to be regulated/inspected/or subject to various other gov stupidity?

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Does anyone have SOLID information about the Searl Effect Generator?

I have done several searches. It seems to be a closely held data. What I have found is incomplete and sketchy.

Asked by unclejoe 7 years ago  |  last reply 2 days ago

Huge ball valves, worth to refurbish?

I have now already two of these huge ball valves we have on a machine at work.Soon I will have one or two more...The replacements always cost well in excess of $500, just for the part, excluding labour.If I am correct than even these big guys can be dismantled like their small cousins.Screw the screwed side open, remove the turning mechanism and them push the actual valve out.Please correct me if that might be different!The actual problem with ours is that after a few years of 24/7 use they start to leak through - not out in anyway.A visual inspection without taking them apart show build up on the ball part.No scratch marks or other damages that I can see.Where there is no build up it is shiny like a mirror.The seal are blue and clearly show the same abuse as the ball.I tried with some aluminium poking tool I made up and the debris is really hard and baked on onto these seal rings.My assumption is that only the seals started to fail.And as they are consumables I am starting to wonder if it is worth trying to find replacements and to clean up the valve after taking it apart.With only a manufacturer (from the machine, not the valve) part number but no markings or anthing on the valve itself I struggle to find any online place to check for genuine rebuild kits :(Any links for sites with lots of balls valves pictures (to be motorised) so I might one that looks identical?Last but not least: How to unscrew the damn thing?? LOLI tried in a vice with the largest set of plumbing pliers I could boorow but it won't budge at all.Would need an about 48mm spanner to grab the "nut" part of the valve.The pliers are almost a meter long but even swearing like the worst guy in town did not help to make anything move.Before cutting a custom made spanner from some re-inforcing steel plates: Is there any proper way of unscrewing a big ball valve?

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My New Istructable Went Missing

So, I haven't been posting anything for last few months, and maybe things have chaghed a bit, but mu new instructable at first had problems with being published, but after closing it anf reopening it published as usual. Sort of. It disappeared from drafts, but didn't appear in the list of published ones, neither on the "recent" tab on the site. I kind of worked on it for the whole day... should I be worried?

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Repurpose a TFT Display with 50 pin FPC

Hello,I have recovered a LCD TFT display from an old smart meter. And I would like to recycle it in a new project in my Arduino.The problem I am faced with is that I don't know very well how to connect it to my breadboard/Arduino.I have found a couple of relatively cheap options but I thought best to double check before spending money on something I might not need."Socket" https://www.adafruit.com/product/1773PCB: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1492attached are pictures of the display in question.This would require a bit fancy soldering which I think I should manage to do without melting the pcb.however If anyone can suggest a simpler way, (or if thi is completely wrong).thanks everyone.c

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How to get my refund back?

I have subscribed for 2.95$ anually and unfortunately i did not notice the small text underneath that they will charge me 35.40$ + 1 $ on my credit card which i don't want to pay at all that much. I sent to service@instructables.com an email asking for my refund, but no answer. So we cannot change our mind especially although i asked for a refund with couple of minutes after charging me the amount? What should i do to get my refund back?

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Is polycaprolactone food safe? Answered

Polycaprolactone ( aka "Friendly Plastic" aka "Instamorph" ) is a very interesting material with lots of diy potential.  I wonder, since Wikipedia mentions it is used in surgical implants, does that mean also that it is food safe? And If it is food safe, is it also aquarium safe? Thanks for any insights

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HP Laptop suddenly turns off without warning. What's going on? Answered

So I have a HP Pavillion zv5320ca that likes to suddenly turn off now (not shut down...it just goes black and turns off like you pull out the AC connector). It starts to do this about 3 weeks ago. Before this, there was no problem for a few years. My HP Laptop is 4.5 years old today. It does this with the battery in and the battery out, hooked up to outlet power. About 3 weeks ago, I was typing on the keyboard and suddenly the battery icon appeared even when AC was plug-in. I have to unplug and re-plug the AC connector at the back of laptop, and then the battery icon would disappear. (Now my old battery doesn't keep a charge anymore). I know it isn't a heat problem, because I can turn the computer on first thing in the morning and it will sometimes shut off within 4 or 5 seconds. And my heat fans are clean (I clean them every 3 months). The CPU was not feeling hot at the bottom, and my Notebook Hardware Control software showed CPU temperature as +42C when this happened. So the nature of it is, I can turn the computer on, and sometimes it shuts off a few seconds after that, sometimes in the middle of the XP loading screen, and sometimes while Windows is loaded. I can use it for 8 hours and have no problems, or sometimes it will shut off 3 or 4 times within 20 minutes...or I can keep trying to turn it on, and it immediately shuts off. I need to re-plug the AC connector before the problem goes away, only to appear again later. What is going on? Anyone has any advice to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

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Electric Mower will not start, trips the breaker?

I have a Task Force model #25143 electric mower (corded) that suddenly stopped while I was cutting some grass that I admit was probably too tall.  I have had no previous problems with it whatsoever since I bought it new last year.  After some searching I found out that it had tripped the breaker (was plugged into the GFI outside the house).  It's only a short cord--an extension must be used.  I bought a new one last month, but tried two other ones just to be sure--no change.  I tried using a different outlet--no change.  I tried using an inside outlet and promptly tripped that breaker as well.  I checked the blade, it spins freely, there was a small amount of grass on the shaft above it, I removed that.  There was a lot of cut grass on the underside of the deck (it's a mulching mower) and I removed all that going to the side discharge and the chute where the bag would be.  I took off the cover to the motor, there was some grass and dust in there, I cleaned it all out.  As for the connections, they are still clean as a whistle--no rust, corrosion, burning, fraying, etc. they still look new.  I was looking for a fuse and couldn't find one, checked by the motor and in the handle where the switch is.  After all this it still trips the breaker so I'm thinking there has got to be a short. The plug side of the extension cord was warm.  I found an answer that said use a multi-meter and I suppose I could go buy one but then what do I do with it?  I don't know what I'm supposed to hook it to and I don't know what any of the readings would mean.  I'm too low on cash now to pay for repair or buy a new one and where I live the grass needs to be cut almost 2x a week--any advice?  How can I find the short or is the motor gone?  I also read about motor "brushes" but don't think I saw any not that I would know what they look like anyway.  I included pics of the switch and the motor.

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Turning horizontal linear motion into vertical

Hi guys, I have a dmx controller which is connected to two sunstrip lights which I control with my foot during gigs. It means I have to balance on one foot and slide the fader up and down with the other in order to get a swell/strobe effect. Have you any idea how I could hack it to turn the horizontal linear motion of the fader into a vertical motion (basically a pedal I can stamp on it swell like a wah) Any suggestions helpful. Cheers!

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More Component IDs Please Answered

Hi All,I'm struggling to ID a couple more componentsI just thought they were pots of some description but when I put a meter across them I get around 0.2-3 ohms for bothThe yellow coloured one has no markings on it that I can seeThe grey one is marked Eurohm72P103B9647Googling that isn't getting any results... HELP!!!!!TIA

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Induction cooker or induction heating. DIY project circuit diagram. schematics or anything to make a project Answered

I'm Bachelor of engineering student. For my final semester project i have chosen Induction cooker as my project. I know how it works and I'm very known to micro controllers. I searched on Google for a perfect circuit to  make an induction cooker(~0.5-1kw) ..I know PCB design and fabrication. I can get any thickness copper wire to make coils. 1) I know the principle of working of induction cooker. 2)I know switching devices are used to convert normal voltage to high frequency power . 3) I can get raw materials and required components. 4) I NEED its CIRCUIT diagram to complete working project. I will fabricate and produce it myself. It s for my Project. 5) out put power may be anything from ~0.5 to ~1kw or lesser but project must be working at the time of demonstration to the examiner. 6) efficiency and all doesn't matter much as examiner wont measure all those things in practical session. 7) PLEASE ITS VERY URGENT. I NEED CIRCUIT DIAGRAM OF INDUCTION COOKER OR INDUCTION HEATING. Don't have much time to chose another project. I'm very interested in this topic. or suggest me any other in this power electronics field. Thanks

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Re-use a placard or outdoor sign

Hi I have some A2 placards that have messages printed on them that are a little out of date I would like to re-use them but I don’t have an A2 printer (I can work around this by stitching A4 sections together) - my biggest problem is that I don’t know how I can waterproof the printed paper to protect it from the rain Any good ideas out there? Thanks

Asked by whydoibother 5 days ago

Can anyone help identify an old tool? Answered

I got this in a box of old things. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Asked by masterochicken 8 years ago  |  last reply 5 days ago

FoodSaver Vac 500 pump parts?

I took apart my slowly sucking Vac 500 and discovered the plastic ring around the piston on the pump is broken and I'd like to replace the part.  Any leads?

Asked by accelv 3 years ago  |  last reply 5 days ago

How can I 'harvest' the cameras from broken cell phones?

I have about 6 old phones, all with cameras - so not that old. They are not used because not reliable, or unknown reasons. I keep them around because I want to do something with them. Can I access the cameras, with some kinda of usb adaptor + some drivers? Maybe make webcams out of them?4 of the phones are razors btw.Thanks - really looking forward to your replies.

Asked by blakeredfield 10 years ago  |  last reply 6 days ago

why won't my parents let me have a cell phone?

Why wont my parents let me have a cell phone that's all i wanna know gosh

Asked by craphed 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 days ago

Raspberry PI

Hi,I would like to ask you information if with Raspberry Pi, are able to use and check electrical voltage? If if the voltage decreases, it turns off a device.thank you very muchEmerson

Asked by EmersonFerreira 10 days ago  |  last reply 6 days ago

Bread Recipe using Vodka

I cannot find the recipe that I just saw two days ago regarding making whole-wheat bread or bread with vodka. I wish I could find it but I just can’t seem to locate it anywhere. I know I sought on this website so I would appreciate any help if there is anyone else that knows about this. Thank you very much

Asked by joesradios 7 days ago  |  last reply 6 days ago

Mirror acrylic Glue

Hey,I have been researching the best way to glue acrylic mirror together into a cube the same as the picture attached. So far I have been told it is quiet hard but Dichloro is what my supplier was able to find out. I have read a lot of health hazards and difficulty getting hold of it. Is there any that would be able to point me in the right direction.With my normal acrylic i just use a weldbond etc but the mirrored surface would not be suited.Thanks in advance everyone.

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does voltage matter in a capacitor or is it only uf? Answered

Ive seen volt numbers on capacitors but people mostly just mention uf. but the uf is the same but the size of the cap looks different. does voltage matter?

Asked by JustModIt 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 days ago

how can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?

How can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?

Asked by kaerez 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 days ago

Stepper motor driver?

Hi! I am trying to find a good h-bridge for a 3 volt stepper motor. Basically my plan is to build a stepper motor controller with an arduino for controlling various functions in a model kit. I have the arduino-kit and the motors. But I need a good reference for a h-bridge, but all i can find are chips rated for much larger drive currents. Also exactly how hot does a hbridge get when under load? I would like to integrate the bridges into the kit, but since it is plastic, I would like to know in advance how hot it gets, and if it gets too hot I'll have to look at another solution.Any help appreciated! PS. If you can please put the hbridge part ID in your answer for easy reference. DS.

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what is this? identify my tool!? Answered

I had this for years, anybody got a clue what it is? most amusing answer gets a patch:-)

Asked by crazyg 5 years ago  |  last reply 8 days ago

I need help with coding a car cruisecontrol and Arduino Leonardo (HID)? Answered

Hi all, I have a challenge I cant solve, I need your help! I have a car cruise control lever I want to connect to an Arduino Leonardo and have it act like a keyboard (HID). It has only two wires, 3 push buttons and one toggle switch. I do know the input voltage is 5 volt and every button has its own resistor causing different voltages to come out when used. This way the car computer knows what has been pressed. I have 3 switches: 1: Acc (Cruise Control Accelerate speed) 2: Ret (Cruise Control Retrieve speed) 3: Res (Cruise Control Resume from last speed) I have one toggle Switch: Cruisecontrol ON/OFF I want the ON/OFF to toggle a keyboard character "C" when used. I want button 1 to send a "7" I want button 2 to send an "8" I want button 3 to send a "9" The code should pause after each change (no loop). The 10k Restistor is a pull-up resistor for debounce. Anyone? Project: https://hackaday.io/project/8448-real-dashboard-truck-simulator

Asked by Jeroenv26 3 years ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

Connecting power supply to a zvs driver

Hi, can someone please tell me how to connect a power supply to a zvs driver. Thank you

Asked by sadfiwnrsd 10 days ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

Diy BrainPort device

These brainport things look cool. Basically they use your highly-sensitive tounge nerves to feed data into your brain. Totally safe and non-invasive, they can even allow blind people to see, which is, of course, amazing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNkw28fz9u0I'd like one for fiddling with (eg, monitorless computer? what kind of other data can you feed into your brain? Other stuff??) But since the gizmos are like ten grand apiece... not likely!Then again, its just an array of contacts that deliver 5-20v at low amps so how hard could it be? Thoughts? Links? Circuit ideas?

Asked by PS118 10 days ago  |  last reply 9 days ago

Anybody know how to build motorcycle safety wheels?

I want to build some "training" wheels or safety wheels for my motorcycle.  Arthritis is giving my left knee and hip some trouble and I worry about tipping or stopping. I have an idea to build a set of wheels that will allow me to stop without fighting to stay up.  Being five foot two does not help anyway. Mainly, I am looking for some input.  I have a concept, all the tools I need, and the material is easy to access.  The pre-made sets are way over  my budget...but I am a handy old broad and can do it.  If you have plans or some ideas, let me know! Summer is coming soon and I want to get out on the road the first pretty day. THX-

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Can't publish changes to a Instructable

This may be a duplicate question but I can't seem to find the initial post.Have have made edits to an instructable. I can see them in the edit or preview screens but not when using the public view. Looking at the attached photos, the one with the referece to 2mm acrylic is in the edit view and the other is the public view.I have tried clearing my cache, different networks, computers and ISPs.I could try unpublishing and republishing but I am concerned that I will loose the "Featured" rating and viewing stats.I have two questions: Can anyone else see new reference to 2mm Acrylic in the first step? Does anyone have anu advice on where to go from here?https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Jigsaw-Puzzle-Light-Acrylic-Laser-Cut/

Asked by abasel 11 days ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

How does one with no experience learn to work on and fix up cars? Where to start?

I am a girl and I have been interested in fixing cars for a while. Quite a few guys at my school seem to know how to fix cars up, but they had to start somewhere, right? Often, I think peoples' fathers help them out, but my own father knows nothing about cars, nor shows any interest in helping me. If anyone has tips on where I could start, perhaps I could find a shop where people would help me? Or do any car co-ops exist? I know there is such a place for bicycles where I live. Any tips would be great! I am enthusiastic and have some background with fixing bicycles and doing wood and metal projects, so I'm not mechanically clueless. I am mostly interested in old cars, but anything to start would be alright. I have browsed Craigslist for cars and found a few I could afford. On that note, I have a teen's level of funding, so I could find something, but tips on making the best of my money when going about fixing up an old car would also be appreciated (especially considering the cost for parts and such). Any tips on where and how to start are what I am looking fore. Thank you!

Asked by toolgal29 8 years ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

How do I remove a stuck water hose from the faucet?

The housing around the hose seems "frozen" to the faucet.  I've tried WD40 and even a plubmers wrench but still no movement.  Any assistance short of call the plumber is appreciated.

Asked by mvv1 8 years ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

movie ideas anyone?? Answered

Hi I'm a filmmaker (i work for Stop Motion Pictures) and am really looking for movie ideas because right now I have nothing! I have movie making block. Any idea I choose to use you will be credited. It will probably not be made in a while I'm working on getting my camera and tools. Please share any ideas! Even stupid ones!

Asked by amakerguy 9 years ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

How do you publish changes to already published instructable?

I noticed a few spelling errors that I wanted to correct.I brought up ible, clicked edit - made the appropriate changesclicked on save - then clicked full preview - everything looks great....I log back in, click on my profile pic, click on instructablesmy current instructables showI click on the one I just edited - and the edits don't show - I click on edit and they are there.Is there something else I'm supposed to do???

Asked by ggallen103 11 days ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

Is Instructables an international website ?

My question could appear a little strange but i'll try to explain...English is not my natural born language but my skills are good enought to understand most of instructables, and anyways, english is know the only international language. And it's not a problem.the problem is about metering ! i'm really in troubles with imperials / us measure !the IS is universal ! There is only 3 country in the world using pounds, inches, or other exotic measurment !It's really hard for normal people !So my question should be " Is Instructables an "america's first" website ? Maybe instructables could be write using the IS instead... should be great for the 4 billions human wich are nor American, Burmese or Liberian !Thanks for readingRomain

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How much Orange juice is safe to drink? Answered

I've been craving orange juice lately. I've been drinking on the order of a half gallon a day, maybe a pint or two less. So, how much can I drink without endangering myself?

Asked by Bigev 9 years ago  |  last reply 10 days ago

What type of frog is this??? Is it poisonous? Answered

I found this frog in the garden and i was wondering what type of frog it is. (it might be a mutant from our pond cos it is really pouted and it has probably mutated the frog) I also want to know if it is poisonous. I think it is because when i poked it with a stick it went all fat and put its arms or flippers (what ever you want to call them) over its head and it can also stick to vertical smooth walls without falling and can hop up them with ease.can it change camouflage???( ps sorry that i couldn't get it on to its back cos it will just role over again. Also please tell me anything else about it to it you can. :2)

Asked by henster22 7 years ago  |  last reply 11 days ago

How do I use old Macro Bellows with DSLR?

Asked by COSSBN 9 years ago  |  last reply 11 days ago

Cvv providing to paypay account safe?

When creating PayPal account,we need to provide all information about credit card. Example Card and cvv number. In this regard I want to know how safe it is to give all this information. Thank u

Asked by SangpoSangpo 12 days ago  |  last reply 11 days ago

12v joule theif from 1 AA Answered

I need to make a joule theif that can output 12v to power some rgb leds. any help would be great. but preferably in the form of a schematic. i have all of the parts needed.?

Asked by aduy 7 years ago  |  last reply 11 days ago

is it possible to make a laser beam more powerful by adding more lasers?

Iv been looking at the laser cutter 'ables and am wondering it its possible to combine say 10 fairly high powered (cheap/er) lasers into a single beam to create a more powerful burn. id prefer not to go out and buy $2000 worth of laser which ill most likely break. or get arrested for trying to bring through customs. i was thinking of using a diverging lens to make the spread out rays in a parallel path. in diagram i understand that mounting the lasers will be a challenge.. but will constructive/deconstructive interference be a problem.. i didnt listen to well in physics. any ideas would be appreciated grim out.

Asked by grimgroper 9 years ago  |  last reply 11 days ago

Need to go from 12v to 5v, back to 12v

I have a remote controlled submersible craft and the controller that came with it is incredible clunky. It has 3 switches that each control a motor and you almost need 3 hands to effectively drive the thing. What I want to do is take the 3 switches out and use 2 joy sticks instead – like this schematic I drew up.My problem is that the power coming from the terminals for the original switches is 12v 7Ah, and the joysticks I have are rated for 5v. I need to step down from 12v at the switch terminals from the board to 5v for the joy stick, then from 5v at the joystick back to 12v so I can run power to the motors. Anyone have any ideas?

Asked by liebs8888 12 days ago  |  last reply 12 days ago

Independent Spy camera

I have an old Laptop's camera and want to create a spy camera that records a video and save into the sd card. I search on google and youtube but only found that to make a USB Camera that needs a Laptop to record. Which was not as I wanted as portable, small and efficient to make a spy gadget. Can anyone help me? I kindly appreciate your help in advance....

Asked by NickB323 12 days ago  |  last reply 12 days ago

Ndef format

Hi all, i want to ask about ndef format. anyone know ? how to insert ndef format in coding python. this is related with my final year project.

Asked by nhm264 12 days ago

How to enter contest?

I want to enter my ible in a contest.The ible is published but when I press enter now It says to log in (which I am) or create ible (which I did).What to do? Only 4 hours left!Please anyone help me!

Asked by Salamyman 13 days ago  |  last reply 13 days ago

Li-ion battery charging question

I'm new here so hi first. Now to the question I've been making a portable wii lately and I've gone quite far, but I'm stuck at the power. So I've got two 20000mAh mobile batteries (10000mAh 4.2V x2 in parallel for one mobile pack) i was planning to connect the batteries in series to get the required 12v+ power to get the Wii running . Since this is a mobile battery it has a charging circuit for the battery in parallel . I was thinking how to charge the batteries in balance (in series) . It's quite confusing ,any help will be appreciated!( There is very little information of the batteries inside the pack, it only says [10000mAh Max 4.2V])

Asked by WanjiangW 13 days ago  |  last reply 13 days ago