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Where is the project description in your course material? Answered

I just finished reading the 4th lesson on switches. Easy to follow, well written, but I could not find the project description or list of materials anywhere. Please advise.



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Projects have been removed from classes and can now be found under the profile of the classes author:


There are hundreds of projects. Which ones go with which lesson? Inquiring minds want to know. I spent close to $100.00 preparing for this class and so far I'm very disappointed. A lot of people are asking and you keep giving a non- answer. What???

All of the projects were removed from classes.

The projects can be found here:

This is the breakdown of which project goes with which lesson:
Soldering - Component Creatures
Electricity - Mad Scientist Light or Jacob's Ladder
Switches - Useless Machine
Resistors - Making an Audio Mixer
Capacitors - Super Capacitor Vibrobot
Inductors - Secret Drawer Lock
Diode - Hand Crank Flashlight
Transistor - Moon Night Light
IC - Atari Punk Console

Hi, really enjoying the course.

Please can you tell me which projects relate to which lessons? Thanks.